'Dexter' Shoots Ratings Up for Showtime and Shocks Viewers with "I Had a Dream"
'Dexter' Shoots Ratings Up for Showtime and Shocks Viewers with "I Had a Dream"
It's easy to see how something bad is actually good when you're watching the Showtime network.  As it becomes home to all sorts of malevolently twisted characters, its ratings have gone way up.  One of the reasons for its sudden catapult into the spotlight is its well-received show about serial killer and expert in blood splatters, Dexter.

Though Showtime used to live behind the shadow of HBO in the pay-TV realm, it's coming back with a vengeance these days.  You can't go wrong with original goodies like Weeds, Californication and The Tudors.  All of these constitute what the executives call “pathological programming.”  Whatever it is, it's definitely working.

The concept, introduced by entertainment chief Robert Greenblatt, enabled Showtime to add 1.1 million subscribers just this year.  It was surely an improvement, as it led to a 7% increase over 2007, with a total of 16.5 million homes.  Even other networks are noticing how Showtime is rapidly gaining its momentum.

“A place like Showtime was perfect for my sensibilities,” Greenblatt exclaimed.  He has already been responsible for hits on bigger networks like HBO and Fox, and now he's brought his talent to Showtime.  “The difference is value versus volume.”

Indeed, fans can have all the value they can get.  The network released two appalling previews for tomorrow's episode “I Had a Dream.”  In the first clip, tension mounts as Dexter (Michael C. Hall) struggles to free himself from the trunk of a car.  He's also troubled about what he's going to do with Miguel (Jimmy Smits).

On the next preview, Debra (Jennifer Carpenter) finds herself in a difficult position as she tries to talk to Anton (David Ramsey) about his statement.  She's out to find a new clue, which might just bring her closer to catching the Skinner.

There's always pressure right before the big wedding day, but no one handles it like Dexter Morgan.  He has to find a way to get rid of Miguel, his Best Man and a high-ranking D.A.  Meanwhile, Rita (Julie Benz) begins to worry as she finds out that Miguel has been revisiting one of his previous romances. 

Don't forget to catch the gripping series Dexter as it airs tomorrow night, December 7, at 9pm on Showtime.

-Maria Gonzalez, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Showtime, The Los Angeles Times
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