'Dexter' Season 7 Finale: 4 Burning Questions
'Dexter' Season 7 Finale: 4 Burning Questions
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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Spoiler Alert: This article contains details from the finale of Dexter season 7. Continue reading at your own risk.

It started with the blood slide that LaGuerta found at the church where Travis Marshall died, and ended with her unfortunate death, which needed to happen. She couldn't continue to live as she chased Dexter -- and eventually Deb -- as the Bay Harbor Butcher.

So what are some of the burning questions being asked after the finale?

Who Is Deb?

Deb's been put through the ringer all season. Having had time to digest the episode, all I feel is incredible sadness. She's now a killer, just like her brother. Before, she was just an accomplice and didn't have to carry the guilt of having killed an innocent person, someone she's known for many, many years, and looked up to. This will change her.

I wonder how next season will pick up. Will it move ahead in time at all? Or will it pick up shortly after the shooting? I also question how much she'll blame Dexter for what she did. She was left no choice but to choose between her brother and the captain. We already knew where her loyalties were, as did Dexter, but she did this for him, kind of like he put away Hannah for his sister as well.

Deb Quotes: Her Season-Long Struggle with the Truth

Where Does Dexter Go from Here?

Dexter is also a changed man, just like his sister has been since last season's finale but most definitely now that she killed someone. He was intending on killing LaGuerta, someone who doesn't even begin to fit Harry's Code. That decision could only be made after Dexter realizes there's no "Dark .. whatever" inside him who's forcing him to kill, but it's him. So that was a pretty huge revelation for this serial killer, but he was intent on killing LaGuerta to try and make his world right.

But that's all changed now. How will he handle the guilt from knowing what Deb did? He's always been so set on keeping the secret from his sister and now it just feels like he'll be the one responsible for her demise.

I can't quite put my finger on how I think the series will end. I really can't imagine the show ending with both Deb and Dexter still being alive. But will Deb kill Dexter? Or will Dexter kill Deb? Will they kill each other?

Where is Hannah?

When she swallowed the pill, I was prepared to see her die. But when she got wheeled into the hospital still alive, I knew she'd escape. It's not like her being free is a secret since she left a pretty gigantic (poisonous?) clue at Dexter's door. But I don't think that means she'll just disappear now that she's a fugitive.

Will she try to poison both Deb and now Dexter since she knows he'll never choose her over his sister?

Who Will Fill LaGuerta's Shoes?

It's convenient that LaGuerta turned to Matthews with her theories on Dexter. This opens up the possibility for him to return to his old job. Does this also mean that he'll be the one to pursue Dexter in the final season? Even though he believes Dexter is/was innocent, even he has to be bothered by the fact that LaGuerta disappeared as she was chasing after him.
Or will LaGuerta's death make Batista change his mind about retirement and come back to Miami Metro?

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