'Dexter' Review: Family Comes First
'Dexter' Review: Family Comes First
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Aside from revealing the fate of Lundy and Deb, "Dirty Harry," the fifth episode of Dexter, offers a pretty heavy twist that serves as an eye opener to Dexter Morgan and to viewers as well. But before we discover the highlight of the night, Dexter gradually breezes through some marital and trust issues courtesy of Rita, a mind-numbing office romance no thanks to Angel and LaGuerta and a hefty number of diversions.  

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The episode picks up with Dexter arriving at the crime scene where Deb and Lundy got shot and somehow you immediately have an idea which gun-shot victim ends up in the hospital and which ends up in the morgue. In a nutshell: Lundy dies while Deb of course survives and feels guilty about the whole thing.

Amidst this murder mystery crisis, Dexter realizes that family does come first, and this gives him a whole new perspective on the Code now that he's motivated by revenge. Now Dexter wants to find Trinity to avenge Deb and to give justice to Lundy's death since he was a worthy adversary and deserved better than to be face down in a hotel parking lot.  

Unfortunately, Trinity isn't the only thing on Dexter's mind these days since Rita discovered that he has kept his apartment. Deep inside Dexter knows that he has to give up his bachelor pad but then again, giving it up would strip him of his Dark Passenger's personal sanctuary. Bottom line is that Rita now knows how much of a good liar Dexter is and it's only a matter of time before she uncovers more of his secrets.

Meanwhile, more secrets are being exposed in Miami Metro. LaGuerta tells Angel that she made an official disclosure to the brass about their relationship but Angel isn't happy about it. Eventually, though, they patch things up but not before LaGuerta transfers Angel from homicide. The whole Angel-LaGuerta thing isn't really doing much for Dexter's fourth season just like Quinn and reporter Christine's relationship, which seems to be getting raunchier and raunchier each week.
Luckily, Dexter wraps up this episode with a brilliant twist as our favorite serial killer tracks down Trinity, who unexpectedly turns out to be married with children! And suddenly, Dexter and Lundy aren't so different after all.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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