'Dexter' Recap: Unable to Resist the Pretty Serial Killer
'Dexter' Recap: Unable to Resist the Pretty Serial Killer
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's episode left me definitely surprised and more than annoyed, almost disgusted. The first 55 minutes slowly -- and a bit boringly -- sets up Dexter figuring out Hannah is someone who fits his code and needs to be taken care of. But then in a moment of testosterone-filled impairment, that goes all out the window.

Breaking the Code

Dexter has had a soft spot for fellow followers of the code. We've seen Miguel, though he fell off the Harry path, and there was Lumen, who was actually brought up by Deb as a vigilante killer. So when there's a pretty serial killer, poor Dexter can't think straight. 

It doesn't matter that she had Randall go on a killing spree. It doesn't matter that she carries around a dead rabbit. It doesn't matter that Dexter realizes she poisoned the previous owner of the house. 

When he lures her/breaks in with her to an amusement park so she can fulfill a long fantasy of seeing snow in Florida, he makes it his kill room. She's all taped up there on the table. And all she does is look Dexter square in the eye and pretty much says, "Bring it." 

And then he cuts off her restraints, and they proceed to have serial killer sex right there. Ugh, Dexter! Keep your damn pants on! 

The hooking up part doesn't surprise me since anyone could see it coming from a mile away. But to let a killer go free? Someone who has immunity? It's beyond ridiculous. And where's Harry, by the way, when this is happening? Talk some sense into your son!

The Hannah storyline is the one I care least about, and I'm a bit angry that she's being kept on when there's other, more interesting -- and pressing -- matters.

Making Bad Decisions

This episode, titled "Do the Wrong Thing," not only applies to Dexter but Quinn as well, as he pretty much makes a deal with the devil. He first gives the dirty money back; he tells Nadia that he's a good cop who just likes money (geez) but then one of the Koshkas blackmail him to get rid of the evidence linking Isaak with the killing of their rivals. If he doesn't comply, then Nadia will be sent away. To a sex club. In Dubai.

When Quinn can't get a hold of Nadia, he heads straight to evidence to pluck the blood evidence from the file. Remember when Quinn was with Deb? And he was nice and sweet and stuff? Yeah, I miss that Quinn. Sure, he's nice to Nadia, but he's nice, sweet and an extremely dirty cop.

Taking Steps Forward 

Meanwhile, LaGuerta lets Deb in on her Bay Harbor Butcher theory about the barrel killings and Jordan Chase, that the suspects in crimes may have been killed by someone else. Deb, of course, tries to calmly shoot down those true theories, and then gets Dexter to convince her that nothing about those killings could tie him to them. 

Also, Batista is thinking of retiring. It really strikes home when he says thinking about buying a restaurant makes him happy. Because no one is happy on this show -- everyone's personal lives have taken a backseat to work and all they're left with is without a life. Well, except maybe Dexter now that he got lucky. We also see Deb trying to have a life by agreeing to go on a date.

The New Guy

Meet Sal Price, local crime fighter -- err, writer -- set out to expose Hannah as a cold-blooded killer. Dexter meeting him is what sets in motion for him to find out more about Hannah, after Dexter breaks into the writer's room and steals a copy of the book he's working on.

But Sal isn't just a writer. He's also got his eye on Deb. I can't tell if he's actually into her. He might just be trying to get closer to her. We'll just have to wait and see about that.

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