'Dexter' Recap: Time for Everyone to Move On
'Dexter' Recap: Time for Everyone to Move On
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on Dexter, Speltzer's escape from last week comes to bite the department in the butt -- in more ways than one, leading Dexter to put matters into his own hands, despite what Deb may think. Meanwhile, the mob men are zeroing in on Dexter, without him still realizing it.

When the Justice System Fails

Speltzer is quite the deranged maniac, and I might be a little disappointed he hasn't hung a little longer. But if he had, and had continued to terrorize his victims and the Miami Metro, we may have gone all crazy ourselves with the spastic light show Speltzer had in his mazes.

But it's through Speltzer that Deb finally seems to come to terms with Dexter being a killer. In a way, it feels too convenient, and a little too quickly, for Dexter to "prove" his point. First, Speltzer gets away after his latest victim -- and he's just within Deb and Dexter's grasps. Then there's all the hoopla after he gets captured where Deb asserts her authority and pushes him to get him to confess. She's all for the letter of the law and in a way has to prove to even herself that police work works.

But Speltzer is let go -- because police work didn't work. The officers who arrest him do not let him respond to his Miranda rights. He may have nodded, but there isn't a definitive yes. So not only is he free, but he'll be suing the department for excessive use of force.

Justice, the Dexter Way

So not only is a killer set free, but he's coming after them. What is there left to do? There's only one thing left to do, that only one person can accomplish, and that's Dexter. Speltzer catches Dexter snooping around his trailer and plotting his demise -- but Dexter skillfully escapes. But seeing Speltzer's "masterpiece" allows Dexter to use something from the maze against him. While Speltzer had a note that said "Run," Dexter leaves Speltzer a note that says "Stay," which he sees right before Dexter whacks him with a shovel.

The actual killing is something we haven't ever seen Dexter do before, kind of like a new chapter. Not only does he let go of all of his blood splatter slides, minus Travis Marshall's, but he burns them -- and Speltzer -- all at once!

It's a little twisted to have Dexter have Deb pick him up and then show her the smokestack that's burning Speltzer's body. And that's when Deb finally admits she's actually glad to see Speltzer dead. Well, yeah, because if he weren't you all would've been screwed. Dexter saves everyone. Serial killers rule! Oh, wait.

Delivering A Killer

In the midst of all of this is the Ukrainian mob trying to piece the puzzle together. If Dexter killed Vikor, why is the police continuing to come to the club every day? Did he work alone? Isaac, the head of the mob, decides to give the police what they want -- Mike Anderson's killer. So he gets the bartender to kill himself with the gun that was used to kill the detective. They were going to kill him regardless; it was whether the man was going to do it himself or be killed.

Not only that, but because they know everything about Dexter, they're watching him. Nothing good is going to come out of this, especially with Quinn being in the middle of everything with the stripper. But next week's episode appears to have Isaac possibly waiting for Dexter in his apartment.

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