'Dexter' Recap: Tableau of Horrors
'Dexter' Recap: Tableau of Horrors
On this week's episode of Dexter, Miami homicide searches for clues about the Horseman murder case while Dexter searches for answers about God from Brother Sam. The newspaper comes up with the clever nickname "Doomsday Killer" which is met in response with an elaborate killing.

Beach Party

Dexter takes up Brother Sam's invitation to go to a church barbeque and baptism at the beach. After Sam dunks his employee Nick in the water, he has a chat with Dexter about religion. Dexter basically tells Sam that God isn't really his thing when he gets called out to work.

When Dexter arrives at the scene with the horses, he is taken aback by how creative it is. "It's like something out of a TV show about serial killers!" he probably thought to himself. He ties in the Alpha and Omega symbols with the snake murders, but it is the new detective Mike Anderson who notices the very obvious four horseman reference. Back in the office, Dexter puts the pieces of Nathan back together like Humpty Dumpty and finds a note with 1242 printed on it. He then finds another note with 1237 printed on it in the intestines of the fruit vendor. Before he can cut open anymore body parts looking for scraps of paper, Dexter gets a call from Jamie saying that Harrison isn't feeling well.

Shopping Spree

After working the crime scene, Anderson warms up to his new boss by telling Deb that she dresses like a hillbilly. I once told a person interviewing me for a job that, but was never called back to fill the position at Chick-Fil-A. Their loss. Deb then goes out and buys a skirt and suit combo and then complains about her crotch itching from her pantyhose. Sexy, right?

Matthews tells La Guerta that he wants a press conference to be held about the Horseman and Snake murders. La Guerta thinks that she will be doing it when Matthews tells her that he wants Deb to do it. La Guerta angrily accepts this and tells Deb to relax for the pres conference. She then gives Deb her disgusting necklace. Deb proceeds to give the press conference and drops one of her trademark F bombs. Oh Deb, when will you ever learn?

Girl Problems

Masuka awkwardly hits on Ryan some more in the office, and she tries to let her look at more serial killer evidence. After she stole the prosthetic hand from the Ice Truck Killer case, she wants to look at Trinity and other evidence. Talk about a freaky fetish. It turns out that she doesn't get off with serial killer artifacts (what other uses could you get out of a fake hand?) but instead is selling the stuff online. Masuka gets rid of her, and hopefully it ends this stupid story line.

Travis and Gellar are on a date of their own, and in between sharing a milk shake with two straws Gellar catches Travis staring at the waitress. Gellar says that Travis has free will but looks pretty let down that his boyfriend is looking at someone else.

High Times

The homicide division is busy questioning a bunch of insane preachers. I expected to see the Spirit of Truth guy from YouTube there, but I guess he was busy. Quinn and Batista go out to search of one of the crazy preachers but are sent to the wrong address. Quinn and Batista get back in Batista's new Trans Am and find a perfectly rolled joint. Batista says it must have been from the previous owner. Quinn and Batista proceed to smoke the joint, because why waste good weed? They then get the correct address for the preacher they were looking for. Unfortunately, they don't show us the interview.

For Dexter, it turns out that Harrison had appendicitis and was in the hospital. He rushes to the hospital and spends time with Deb reading information that makes him nervous on WebMD. I think the only purpose for that website is to make people like me think they have cancer every time they get a sore throat. Brother Sam comes in to comfort Dexter and tells him about his past with his gangster dad. Dexter then gets coffee, and when the machine jams prays to God for the safety of Harrison.

In the Arms of an Angel

Travis has his date with Waitress Erin and soon takes her home to show her his Brock Landers impression in bed. Good for Travis, he's getting laid. The bad news is that Gellar is secretly watching them. The next morning Travis wakes up and finds that Gellar has her tied up, and that she must pay for having pre-marital relations with Travis. While Gellar is busy planning his revenge plot for Erin stealing his secret crush, the police have found out about him and have him as their lead person of interest.

At the hospital, Dexter finds out that Harrison is going to be okay, and is relieved but conflicted about his prayer. He gets called out to a crime scene and follows a blood trail to a greenhouse. Inside, Erin is tied up and gagged. The police come to get her, but accidentally trip a booby trap that kills her in a very Saw-eque fashion. This is followed by Batista opening a door to a pantry full of locusts. Through all of this, Dexter sees Travis and suspects something.

Take out the terrible CGI locusts and the Saw-influenced killing, this episode was pretty good, and I can't wait until Dexter learns more about the Doomsday killers. On next week's episode, the police turn up the heat on Gellar, who in turn intensifies his killing ways.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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