'Dexter' Recap: Sex Complicates Everything
'Dexter' Recap: Sex Complicates Everything
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on Dexter season 7, titled "Chemistry," our main character ends up having to answer to what his body wants (Hannah) and what his sister wants (Hannah dead). Meanwhile, LaGuerta ties Dexter with the Bay Harbor case.

Did It for Love?

Has Deb finally accepted Dexter for all that he is? It sure seems like it when she all but explicitly tells Dexter to kill Hannah for poisoning her love interest to death. This is quite the conundrum Dexter has found himself in, since he's talking to Deb on the phone while in bed with Hannah.

Deb is certain Hannah killed Sal, the crime writer on the tails of Hannah and her killings. But not only that, he also knows that Dexter and Hannah are together, whatever they are. Even though the lab reports state otherwise, Hannah did poison Sal. She goes against Dexter's wishes of leaving Sal alone because he was going to blackmail him. But since he doesn't clue in his bedtime buddy with this knowledge, she takes matters into her own hands.

While discussing both of their actions, they realize they each had done what they did for the other -- and that's how Dexter winds up in her bed. He ponders whether he's falling in love with her, since she accepts him for who he truly is.

Passing Off Dirty Money

With Sal dead, it leaves Deb with some rage and vengeance and wanting her serial killer brother to take care of the problem. Why can't Deb ever catch a break when she finds someone she's interested in? She's had one too many wind up dead.

Speaking of romance, Quinn tries to make everything right, but essentially screws everything up. Isaak is out without evidence. Then Quinn tries to threaten the Koshkas, wanting them to leave Nadia alone, but instead he just gets a pitiful laugh and is told to get lost. His actions are quite annoying to watch since I can't remember the last time he made a good decision about anything. 

But Quinn does have a moment of slight generosity -- cutting a $10,000 check for Angel's restaurant -- but it's likely the dirty money he receives, so is he being generous at all? Because I'm thinking that it'll eventually burn Angel.

Another Step Closer?

If LaGuerta wasn't so obsessed with the Bay Harbor Butcher case and possibly clearing Doakes' name, she'd be absolutely useless this season. But the captain continues to pour herself into the closed case -- and finally comes across something. Thank goodness.

LaGuerta finds Dexter's name right there on official records of having his boat in the ocean where bodies were dumped. 

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