'Dexter' Recap: Ring of Fire
'Dexter' Recap: Ring of Fire
On tonight's episode of Dexter, Dexter stops Wormwood from taking out everyone in his office and devises a plan of his own to draw Travis to him. Since tonight is the penultimate episode of the season, I'm guessing he doesn't catch Travis.

Boat Party

The homicide team is at the yacht where Dexter just killed Steve looking for Travis. While they come up empty-handed on that front, they do find Holly's body as well as Steve. Dexter shows up and has to analyze his own crime scene, which must be like seeing yourself on TV. Deb informs Dexter that the Department of Homeland Security will be involved with the case now that it involves a chemical bomb. Thanks a lot, bin Laden. This may create a little bit of difficulty for Dexter. Deb also calls Quinn to find out where he's at. And to no one's surprise, Quinn is late. He is told about Batista missing, so he does some awesome Fast and Furious: Tokyo Drift moves and hightails it to rescue his partner.

Beth, Steve's widow, is given a pep talk from Travis about going through with his plan. It's no Coach Taylor pep talk, but it works, and Beth heads out to Miami Homicide with Wormwood. She is told to target Deb since she is the one in charge of the DDK case. Since she is at the boat, Beth is told that she'll have to wait in reception for Deb to come back.

Two Close Calls

Travis has Batista tied up on a bed. It appears as though Travis is planning on going deliverance on Batista, but instead he is only planning on shooting him. Before he can shoot, Quinn comes to the rescue. Travis sets the room on fire and flees before Quinn can get to him. Quinn calls Deb and lets her know about Batista.

Deb goes back to the office when she is told about Beth waiting to talk to her about Wormwood. Deb tells the officer to send her in her office. Serendipitously, Dexter was in his nerd cube doing research on Steve when he comes across a picture of the formerly happy couple. Beth activates Wormwood, but Dexter is there to lock her in an interrogation room. Beth dies from the gas, which has the same effect as that monkey disease from the movie Outbreak. You know, the one where you bleed out of all your orifices. Dexter gets a small hit from the gas, but seems to be relatively okay.

Instead of going to the hospital like a normal human being, Dexter instead pawns Harrison off on Jaime for the weekend so he can hunt Travis. Travis is in a house feeding cats ice cream and watching the news. That's where he learns about Beth and starts muttering crazy thoughts to himself. Somewhere along the way he also seems to have killed an old couple. What a busy body!

Call Girl Problems

Deb is invited out to dinner by Matthews for the great job she is doing not solving the DDK case. Matthews starts to talk to her about the call girl case when Deb spills the beans and tells Matthews she knows it was him. Matthews uses the old "lonely horniness" defense since his wife died, and follows that up a guilt-trip laden plea for a favor from Deb. Deb agrees to sweep the whole affair under the rug.

The next day, the homicide division is told that the DDK case is on hold while DHS makes sure that Steve and Beth weren't terrorists. It looks like the government intervention may help Dexter after all. See Tea Party? The government can help people! After the briefing Deb calls Quinn and Batista in her office to yell at them for being bad cops. Quinn tries to explain that he is trying to win Douche of the Year award, but it sadly doesn't work. Deb follows this up with a visit to the therapist where she is made painfully aware of the semi-incestual relationship with Dexter. This may get awkward...

Let's Give Him a Hand

Dexter has a plan to draw Travis out of hiding, but first he needs to pick up Gellar's hand which he stored in the morgue. Either no one cleans the morgue, or there are constantly random body parts lying around, because that doesn't seem like a logical place to hide a stray body part to me. Before he can get there, though, he is stopped by Lewis who basically announces that he will be the villain for the next season. He makes me more confident about this bold proclamation by mailing Dexter the ITK hand that he bought online.

That night, Dexter sneaks into the museum courtyard and decides to deface the fountain of an angel. He covers it in blood, nails Gellar's hand to it, and paints 666 on the angel's forehead. When news crews arrive the next day, Travis is busy painting his own version of Vigo the Carpathian when he sees what Dexter has done. After getting a video message from Dexter, he paints over the demon's face with the face of Dexter, which looks rather odd and off putting.

Back at the office, Matthews tells Deb that he has been told to resign and that she is to blame for it. After he leaves, Deb finds La Guerta who threatens Deb while telling her that it was all a part of the politics game. I really can't wait until La Guerta's killed.

Botched Plans

Before we get to the climax of the episode, I do want to point out one of the most awkward moments in television history. Deb and Dexter are having dinner, and there is more sexual tension in the room than you would see in that new Virgin Diaries show. After awkward smiling, Deb and Dexter have a full on mouth kiss. Right when I was about to pass out, we realize it was all Deb's dream. Phew, that was a close one. This makes incest the hot new TV trend, playing a part in Dexter, Game of Thrones, and Boardwalk Empire. We truly are living in the golden age of television.

Dexter's plan was to draw Travis out to his boat where he would kill him. When Travis arrives on the dock, Dexter is hit by the after effects of the Wormwood gas and has a bit of a blunder. Travis drugs Dexter with his own needle and puts him in a dinghy filled with gas canisters. Dexter wakes up and finds Travis in the Slice of Life pouring gas in the water around him. It seems as though Dexter will be a victim in the Lake of Fire tableau. Travis throws a flare in the water and steals Dexter's boat. Travis' plan was fool proof, except for the part where you simply have to swim underwater to not be burned to death.

Not a bad episode, but once again it was only 45 minutes long. C'mon, Showtime! When we're told a show is an hour long, we expect a full hour! On next week's episode, Travis gets a hold of Harrison and Dexter must save him before he is sacrificed. Tune in for the finale, then swing by BTV to discuss the conclusion to this season!

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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