'Dexter' Recap: Pleasure Cruise
'Dexter' Recap: Pleasure Cruise
On this week's episode of Dexter, Travis goes rogue now that he is not tied down by his imaginary friend and secret lover Professor Gellar. He gets help from a new pair of disciples while Deb gets closer to the answer with the dead prostitute.

Imaginary Friend

Dexter is still reeling from the revelation that Travis is acting by himself while imagining that Gellar is still alive. Dexter inspects Gellar's body, but is seen by Travis who looks him in the secret room. Outside, Travis is yelling at his fake boss. It turns out that Travis was the crazy one from the beginning. He killed Gellar trying to prove to him that they were the two witnesses from the book of Revelation. Unlike in the bible, Travis neglected to realize that when you stab someone in real life, they die. Travis runs away screaming about killing more people, and Dexter escapes the basement.

He decides that the best course of action would be to cut off Gellar's hand and plant fingerprints all over the church to have the police think that he is still alive. This would normally seem like a shocking and edgy scene if it weren't already done by the movie Seven. Dexter then gets Travis' laptop and after closing all those weird Bible Fetish pop-ups posts an apology on Gellar's blog. Travis sees the post later while going through all of the insane comments by people who can't seem to find the shift key on the blog. I can really relate with Travis.

Police Involvement

The great people at Miami Homicide finally find the abandon church that Travis was using. Good job guys! It only took five deaths! At the church, Deb has a panic attack. This is a common occurrence for God-less heathens when they enter a church. Dexter shows up to calm Deb down and goes inside to look for evidence. Batista finds all of the tableau paintings including the next tableau. This one has the word "Wormwood" on the bottom with people burning alive all around. Everyone seems confused what wormwood is, even though the average alcoholic could tell you that it is a poisonous herb that is used to make absinthe. Dexter finds a pill bottle that belongs to Travis, but Deborah beats him to it and puts out a search for the doctor who wrote the prescription.

Back in the office, La Guerta decides to pull a power move over Deb by running the DDK briefing. Travis had said that he wanted to fix his mistakes earlier, and Dexter finally realizes that he is talking about Holly, the former Whore of Babylon. While the rest of the police continue to do their real jobs, Dexter once again sneaks out to search for Travis on his own. How does Dexter still have a job? He is never in the office for more than 15 minutes at a time.

New Followers

Travis finds video posts on Gellar's blog by a guy who goes by "Doomsday Adam." The commenter whose real name is Steve is eager to talk to Travis. Travis tells Steve and his wife Beth that they must be tested to prove their devotion to Gellar and himself. I have a feeling this won't end well for Steve and Beth. While Travis is meeting his number one fans, Dexter is at Holly's house.

He finds the place empty but gets the address to her boyfriend's house. It turns out that the man wasn't her boyfriend, but her boss. Her boss is in Spain, but Dexter is told that Holly is probably on his Yacht. Dexter is already too late though. Travis and his merry band of idiots get there first and take the yacht.

Insane in the Membrane

Anderson comes back to the office with the news that Travis' doctor has been dead for years, but that the pills were anti-psychotic drugs. It's all coming together now. Travis is a crazy person! Besides this useless information that we already knew, we find out that Travis possibly killed his parents when growing up.

Dexter uses the popular social networking site "FriendZone" to find out where the yacht may be docked. I really need to update my FriendZone page, but I forgot my password. Dexter gets to the marina but finds the boat missing. He creates a diversion and sneaks into the security office to find out that Travis took the boat. He gets a hold of the boat's GPS Security password and finds out the current location.

Calm Like a Bomb

Dexter finds the yacht, but it is too late. He stabs Steve, who he thinks is Travis in a Haz-Mat suit. Travis had already left after making a dirty bomb he named Wormwood. So where is Travis now? He is with Beth who is questioned by Batista. As Batista is leaving, Travis hits him in the back with a cross. At least Travis isn't Jewish, because Batista could have gotten a Ninja Star of David to the face instead. After knocking Batista out, Travis plans on unleashing Wormwood on the Miami Metro Homicide building. Back on the boat, Dexter finds the bomb materials and is left with no other choice but calling the cops.

While this is all happening, Deb is looking through the evidence from Jessica Morris. Jessica was the dead hooker that La Guerta didn't want Deb digging into. Deb finds a card from a flower company and learns that they were sent from Chief Matthews. So much intrigue!

After last week's "shock ending" this episode seemed very anticlimactic. You can't expect much from a show that ends 15 minutes early because it is running out of steam. On next week's episode, Dexter creates his own tableau to find Travis.

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Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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