'Dexter' Recap: Hannah's Return Disappoints
'Dexter' Recap: Hannah's Return Disappoints
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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When a show like Dexter continues to get even more predictable, and yet still slightly erratic in its storytelling, in the final few episodes of the series, you can't help but brace yourself for a disappointing conclusion when it's all done.

The return of Hannah this week doesn't bring energy or passion to a fairly flat season, but instead brings ineptitude for all of the characters involved, as well as a handful of meandering subplots that couldn't be more disconnected from each other.

The Return of Hannah

For those bracing themselves after last week's cliffhanger, it turns out they need not have worried since Hannah didn't do any harm after she drugged Dexter and Deb. She left Deb in her apartment and Dexter by the side of the road.

Dexter decides to tail Hannah and finds out she's seeing some guy. He follows her to a club, but it's too fancy and he can't get in. Instead, Zach, Dexter's new apprentice who is very eager to learn from Dexter, helps him get inside since his father is a known man in town.

When Dexter confronts Hannah, he learns she's going by the name of Maggie now and is married. He meets her at the greenhouse the next day and learns her husband is Miles.

Miles doesn't take kindly to Dexter constantly following Hannah and has him beaten up by goons. He even confronts Hannah and is about to rape her as Dexter approaches their boat in the Harbor. Hannah, however, has already killed him, and together they dump the body.

While they both basically confess their love for the other over the course of the episode, they don't kiss, and they part with Dexter telling her, "Don't leave town without talking to me."

Dexter's Over-Eager Apprentice

Before Zach winds up helping Dexter get into that restaurant, Zach shows up at Dexter's apartment. Dexter is furious with him because his would-be apprentice wasn't thinking that someone could spot them together.

While there, Zach spots Dexter's neighbor Cassie, who's with another guy -- she's clearly given up waiting for Dexter. (Though, oddly, in a scene with Deb later on, she confesses she's still hung up on him, despite the fact that Dexter conveys a complete lack of personality every time he's with her. This is clearly designed to make us feel bad when something inevitably happens to her.)

When Zach says Cassie's cute, you know she's a goner, and the obviousness of it isn't fun to watch.

And sure enough, Cassie is found dead at the end of the episode, killed by the same method (bludgeoning) that Zach used to kill his father's mistress.

Cassie definitely wouldn't fit Harry's code...

The Other Subplots

Masuka's daughter winds up getting a job at a sports bar -- one that she seems nervous to tell her father about. Everyone watching at home automatically assumes a strip club, no doubt knowing Masuka's history, but it's a "topless sports bar," not a strip club. Masuka tries to get her a job at the police department, but Niki doesn't want to take it since the sports club pays so well.

Quinn and Jamie are thinking of moving into together.

And Deb, meanwhile, tells her boss he really doesn't want to get involved with her -- which probably means in next week's episode they'll be sleeping with each other. 

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