'Dexter' Recap: Exploring the Creation of Killers
'Dexter' Recap: Exploring the Creation of Killers
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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Is Dexter a good guy or a bad guy? It's a question fans, and no doubt the producers, have wrestled with since the very inception of the show. It's also something Dexter himself has wondered time and time again, usually falling down on the side of the idea that he himself is a monster, even as he kills other monsters.

But to Dr. Vogel, who helped create Dexter, he is "perfect."

It seems fitting in the final season for the show Dexter to wrestle with this idea again, and perhaps, with its final big bad, we'll even find out what biologically and psychologically it means to be a killer.

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Dexter the Killer

Dr. Vogel shares a number of videotapes with Dexter that show Harry, still as a cop, meeting with Vogel, who offers him a "place in this world for your son." In a later video, we see Harry after Dexter has killed his first three "victims."

Vogel actually helped Harry develop his code that he instills upon Dexter: only killing killers is okay, and only if he's sure that they are killers. Vogel even believes that Dexter is making the world a better place.

"Psychopaths are not a mistake of nature," he tells Dexter. "They're a gift ... an indispensable demographic."

Deb the Killer

As Dexter comes to re-embrace the idea that he is doing good in the world through the evil he performs, he also begins to recognize the evil that he has perhaps now instilled in Deb since she was forced to kill LaGuerta.

While following up on the stolen property Briggs stole last week, Deb is confronted by El Sappo, the man sent to kill Briggs. In a struggle, Deb kills him and covers it up -- something she later seeks help from Dexter in accomplishing. While he's covered up many of his own murders, Dexter is initially unwilling to help Deb, though he eventually does.

When meeting with Vogel at the end of the episode, Dexter acknowledges the evil he's created in Deb. "I destroyed Deb ... she's gone," Dexter says.

In season 3, Dexter brought out a killer in his friend Miguel Prado, who eventually became such a monster that Dexter had to put him down. Could the same thing be happening with Deb? 

The Brain Scooper

Until Miami Metro comes up with a better name for our killer who is scooping out pieces of brain from his victims, we'll call him the Brain Scooper.

Dr. Vogel has come to Miami seeking Dexter's help since the piece of brain scooped out of a victim in the season premiere was sent to her. She's convinced the killer is one of her former patients.

Initially, Dexter rules out a Vogel patient since a fingerprint found on the murder weapon (a plastic bag) of this week's victim doesn't match any of her former patients. Later on, however, Dexter discovers a tape of the suffocation and finds that the person who did it was forced at gunpoint to do so.

What if the murderer is forcing victims to kill other people and then, after having them killed by the next murderer, is examining their brain to see if they were "changed" after their kill? Biologically speaking...

For instance, what if the victim suffocating in this week's episode was the killer of the person from last week's premiere? If that's the case, it seems increasingly likely that Dr. Vogel is the killer herself.

Could Dexter become their victim at the end of this season and we'll ultimately get an answer to whether or not something is actually wrong with Dexter's brain that's causing him to do what he does?

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