'Dexter' Recap: Deb Saves Dexter
'Dexter' Recap: Deb Saves Dexter
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
This week on Dexter, Deb's patience continues to be tested as more clues about her brother's past killings come out. Dexter has got quite the balancing act going on: with Deb, with Isaac and even Hannah.

Helping A Brother Out

As much as Deb wishes not to be involved with Dexter's ... side hobby, she finds herself right in the middle of it, testing her patience and loyalty. With LaGuerta going after the Case of the Curious Blood Slide At a Crime Scene, Deb does her best trying to involve herself. Which isn't all too difficult to do since, you know, she's the lieutenant. 

LaGuerta had been gathering the missing persons reports of people since the Bay Harbor Butcher's death and planned on interviewing the families to see what she can uncover. Deb goes along with her -- but not before getting Dexter to tell her if he had killed anyone from the report. There are three, but only the family of one of them is in the Miami area. This guy was a wedding photographer who would seek out an out-of-town victim.

At the family's house, Deb volunteers -- but not too eagerly -- to take the photos back to the station to look through. I thought I saw a look in LaGuerta's eyes, like she suspects something, but is allowing Deb to do what she wants. 

It's a good thing she took the photos because she finds the one with Dexter right in plain view, which I find humorous since he dressed for the occasion. Dressed to kill!

So while Deb chastises Dexter over killing Viktor after he reveals the fact that he took a fingerprint from the scene instead of letting the justice system do its thing, she also doesn't hesitate to rescue him -- is it because, for this one, he followed his "code"?

Luring Out the Bad Guy

Dexter figures out Louis died after seeing some blood while cleaning his boat. And when he goes to his apartment, he sees the blinds open and immediately backs away from the door. Waiting inside is Isaac, with his gun and what looks like his own tools to cause great pain.

While Dexter is a dark drama, I love the moments of hilarity: like Dexter coaxing out whoever's inside his place by leaving a voicemail from "Sam" about meeting up. 

During a phone conversation after Isaak shows up at the cafe "Sam" said they were to meet at, he finds out what Isaak knows and what he's planning on doing: he believes the entire police department worked together to kill Viktor, therefore no one is safe, including Deb.

Dexter finds out that Isaak is the leader of the Koshka brotherhood, and that they're involved in the drug trade. So he lures him into a rival's hangout, expecting him to be outmatched and therefore dead. But Isaak manages to escape, but not before skillfully taking out all who were inside. He does get injured, however, and leaves blood at the scene. So the police pin him on the deaths and lock him up.

Eye for an Eye

Dexter visits Isaac in jail -- don't they have cameras and recording devices? Because he pretty much says he killed Viktor for the detective's death out of revenge. Then Isaak goes into this long story about being patient for years before killing a fat man. And although Dexter points out he's not a fat man (seriously, Dexter's deliveries kill me, no pun intended), that's not Isaak's point. It's that he's willing to serve the time in order to get his payoff in the end.

Meanwhile, there's Hannah, who Dexter figures out isn't all that remorseful of her and her partner's killings, but is actually nostalgic. He finds out she has complete immunity from anything she's been involved in in the past, which should neatly set up for a future kill for Dexter. If previews are any indication, it looks like Dexter is going to get to her by romancing her.

And there's also Quinn, who continues to sink further after the Koshka brotherhood leaves a bag of cash in his car -- dirty/hush money. 

Though not the most action-packed episode we've seen so far, it's nice to get a bit of a break to set up other storylines.

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