'Dexter' Recap: A Serial Killer Checks into Rehab
'Dexter' Recap: A Serial Killer Checks into Rehab
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week on Dexter, Deb's plan to "cure" her dear brother of serial killerness is going to rehab -- which means moving in with her and never leaving her sight. But Dexter is antsy, especially since he wants to try and put a stop to Louis bothering him. Will he get the urge to kill again?

Serial Killer's New Code

Deb still manages to be the same ol' Deb after Dexter admits he's a serial killer. Sure, at first she bolts out of the apartment and throws up in the streets, but after Dexter convinces her back inside, the way they go back and forth is classic Deb/Dexter.

"You gave it a name?" Deb asks when Dexter describes his Dark Passenger. It's everything we as viewers thought of before when we first started watching this, and it's actually kind of nice to see Deb catch up on the news. Because the series couldn't end without her knowing. 

It's only the next morning when she comes up with a plan to be Dexter's rehab sponsor, since she finds an old newspaper article where Lundy was quoted as saying serial killers are addicts. The first in the 10-step plan to not have the urge to butcher a body is honesty. The rest is being made up as they go along, of course. But he'll move in with her, they'll eat together, she'll sleep on the couch closer to the door and they'll drive to work together -- she won't let him out of her sight.

Fighting the Urge

I don't know how I feel about her being okay with Dexter's side gig so suddenly. Even if the plan sounds logical, she comes up with it by sunrise? 

Deep down, Deb truly believes there's good in Dexter. But it feels like she's only setting herself up to be hurt even more in the future, because as much as I root for the serial killer in a twisted way (as I'm sure most viewers do, too), she can't heal him. And watching her brother like a hawk isn't going to make him control his urges.

Or will it? 

Dexter knocks out Louis, with the full intent of chopping him up and dumping him in the ocean  after watching videos of Louis talking about taking Dexter down. But he doesn't kill him -- and instead turns to Deb to admit his urge.

Is this just a ploy to manipulate her? With him admitting he wanted to kill but instead calling her about it, she can now believe his controls can be urged. But had Dexter already made the decision not to kill Louis? Because doing so would completely violate his original code -- after all, Louis hasn't killed anyone. 

Buried Conscience

Briefly, Dexter does wonder if he can be cured. He presses for info from another serial killer, who's helping the police dig up some of his other victims. The guy, Wayne Randall, talks about clearing his conscience and accepting his situation, and about how there was good in him, just buried deep down.

Dexter eats it all up, but in the end, it's pointless because Wayne kills himself. He just wanted to be released from prison so he could enjoy the sun and a frosty swirl before jumping out into traffic. It's darkly humorous, especially since the blood lands all over Dexter's face.

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