'Dexter' Recap: Best of 'Once Upon a Time'
'Dexter' Recap: Best of 'Once Upon a Time'
This week on Dexter, a new consultant is brought in to help decipher the religious clues of the fruit stand murder, and Deb has to handle two big proposals. So polish your crosses and grab your rosary for this week's episode.

Change is in the Air

Dexter is back at home with Harrison who is starting to learn more and more about "daddy's box." This is a source of concern for any father, but in most cases it's a bulk of pornography that the dad is trying to hide, not blood slides of murder victims. While Dexter is worrying about that, the creepy duo of Travis and Prof. Gellar are busy moving mannequin parts into an old church.

Deb has a whole other set of problems to deal with. She wakes up to Quinn making her breakfast and find an engagement ring in the fridge. It's a good thing Quinn didn't do a jumbotron proposal, because Deb says she needs more time to answer and leaves. At the station, she is asked by Dep. Chief Matthews to become the Lieutenant of the Homicide Division, which she tries to rebuff because she wants Batista to have the job. Once again, she says she needs more time to answer. Brother Sam is being questioned in the office about the death of fruit stand guy, Omar. Dexter thinks that Sam is involved and begins his personal quest for justice.

Brotherly Love

Deb is having a brother-sister moment with Dexter and explains the fear she has of becoming Lt. Morgan. Like a good brother, he gives her words of encouragement. Creepy Travis is also having a brother-sister moment with his seemingly normal sister who made him dinner. She tells him to stay the night (not in that way) because they haven't seen each other in such a long time.

Dexter decides that the only way he can get close to Brother Sam is by smashing the rear end of his car into a dumpster to get it fixed at Sam's auto shop. It is at the shop where Dexter has a nice little talk about Sam who freely admits to killing a guy and getting away with it. It's an unorthodox selling strategy by Sam. "If I can convince you that I'm a good guy who got off for murder, your estimate is free!" Sam is then interrupted about a fellow co-worker named Nick not showing up for work.

Wrong Impressions

Deb takes Batista out for coffee to let him know that she will be taking the job that he thought would be his. He takes it very well, and gives Deb his blessing. Batista is later confronted by LaGuerta who says that the promotion was out of her hands, to which Batista replies by yelling the F-word at her. It looks like Batista is taking the news a little bit harder than he let on.

That night, Dexter follows Brother Sam to a house and hears gunshots. Sam then emerges with a body and goes back to the auto shop. I guess the place could be called a "chop shop" now, am I right? (rim shot) Bad jokes aside, Dexter tries to go inside to kill Sam only to be confronted by Eli, the guard dog. Sam comes out and Dexter tells him that he left something in his car and came back to get it. Sam lets him inside and lo and behold, the body that Sam took is still alive. It's Nick, the missing co-worker who Sam went to get out of a drug house. It seems that Nick was so touched by his caring boss's actions that he shot at him and got knocked out.

Back to creepy Travis and Gellar, the Professor is mad at Travis for not showing up for work because he was with his sister. He then burns himself with a piece of steel and says that he has to cleanse Travis' sins. It looks like the professor has the worst PTO benefits of any employer in the world.

Picking the Right Suitor

Deb goes back home to talk to Quinn about him asking her to marry him. She finds the holy trinity of romance waiting for her. Candles, flowers, and Chinese food. She explains to him that she loves being with him, but doesn't want things to change. Quinn on the other hand wants to create a positive change by marrying her. She says no and he kicks her out.

The next morning, the press is called into the office and everyone is wondering what is happening. That's when Deb is officially made Lieutenant of homicide to the surprise of everyone but Batista and Dexter.

Killing in the Name Of

Before Dexter can put all the pieces together at the car shop, a car full of gangsters shows up to get Nick back from Sam. I think that the gang they are in is the Cableguys. You can tell because they all wear shirts without sleeves. They threaten to shoot Sam, but Dexter steps in and says he's with the police so they leave. It looks like Dexter has a new victim to go after. The next night, Dexter tracks down gang leader Julio, and kills him for the murder of a barber a few weeks earlier. It seems like Dexter isn't the only person out hunting in the night because Travis tricks a jogger into helping him, only to knock him out.

The season is picking up steam, let's just hope that it doesn't stray too much into a Dan Brown novel before too long. On next week's episode, our friend the jogger has a bad day, while Dexter tries to hunt down the "tooth fairy."

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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