'Dexter' Recap: Back in Black
'Dexter' Recap: Back in Black
On this week's episode of Dexter, Dexter takes a roadtrip with his new imaginary friend Brian, former brother and Ice Truck Killer. It seems that Jonah has taken to his dad's old hobbies and is trying to become the new Trinity Killer.

Although this episode was titled "Nebraska," it doesn't mean that this episode will be boring. (To any readers in Nebraska: that was a joke. I know that there are plenty of fun things to do there, such as watching corn grow and adding patches to your overalls.)

Welcome Back

Dexter is dumping body parts off of his boat and chatting with his old brother and new pal Brian. They seem to be getting along for two former rivals. Their reunion is cut short when Dexter gets a call from Deb telling him to come into the office. When he gets there he is told that the Trinity Killer has struck again, this time killing his old family, who have been relocated to Nebraska. Dexter, with a little nudge from Brian, decides they need to take a road trip to show Jonah first-hand how his father died.

Speaking of crazy people, let's see how Travis is doing since he turned away from Gellar. He seems to be enjoying breakfast with his sister and is in such a good mood he is telling jokes about his boss sending him messages dealing with male bodily fluids. At least his sister thinks it's a joke, but we all know there's some weird sexual thing going on between Gellar and Travis. After his sister goes to work, Travis finds Gellar outside of his house and tells him that he is done helping him.

Road Tripping

Dexter is on the road heading to Nebraska. After a night of driving, he stops with his imaginary brother to get some food. I noticed that in every scene Brian is in, Dexter is eating. Let's hope that he can keep Brian at bay, or we may soon be watching the world's fattest serial killer.

While at the gas station, Brian urges Dexter to hit on the cute receptionist. Dexter follows his orders and soon has a quickie in the back. Not literally ... the back of the store. Soon, Dexter makes it to Kearney, NE and finds Jonah working at a hardware store. Jonah tells him what happened to his family, but Dexter knows what really happened.

Back in Miami, the heat is on Deb to start solving murders. While LaGuerta is being a bitch, there is some truth to a 29% closing rate for murders being terrible. To help solve the DDK case, Batista and Deb interview the former Whore of Babylon whom Travis let go, and find out more about Gellar and his unknown assistant.

The Redneck Inn

Dexter is driving down the road when he gets a flat tire, so he pulls into a replica of the Bates Motel to get a room for the night and get his car fixed. Inside he meets the creepy country boy Norm, and he offers to patch the tire while Dexter (again) grabs a bite to eat. Taking a detour through a cornfield, Dexter comes across Norm's secret weed garden.

Back in his hotel room, Dexter gets a call from his house. Thinking it's Jaime he answers, only to find an irate Deb on the other end of the line. I guess Deb is one of those obnoxious people who get mad when you ignore their phone calls and don't return their messages. Ugh, I can't stand people like that.

Norm brings the car back and Dexter plans on going to Jonah's house to kill him. There's one small problem; Dexter's knives and forensic kit are missing. Instead of doing the obvious thing and getting them back from Norm, Dexter leaves. He finds Jonah at his house, but Jonah flees when he finds out that Dexter killed his dad. What a baby.


Dexter returns to the motel and finds Norm in a shed with his knives and kit. Norm decides it would be smart to hold Dexter's knives hostage for $10,000. If I found a kit of chemicals and a bunch of sharp killing instruments, I would probably hand them back over and profusely apologize, but what do I know, I'm just a city boy.

Dexter responds to this threat with a pitchfork to the guts. It is then that Brian makes Dexter realize that there is no need for his code. Dexter tosses the body into the grain silo, which I think is how mad cow disease was started, and heads out in search of Jonah.

Meanwhile, Travis is busy packing up all the things in his house that remind him of Gellar. Like most of us, it is best to get closure this way after a tough break-up. He brings the box to Gellar, who is naturally busy making a seven-headed alligator, and tells him that he is super serious about being over him. Gellar then "releases" Travis. Man, that sounds really dirty.

The Second Kill

In the car, Dexter gets a call from Jonah telling him to meet him at the hardware store. Rookie mistake, Jonah. When Dexter arrives, Jonah is waiting for him holding a giant hook. He tries to attack Dexter but is overpowered. Right when Dexter is about to kill him, he admits that he regrets what he did. It turns out that his sister killed herself in the bathtub and his mom possibly drove her to do it. Dexter realizes that Jonah doesn't deserve to die and leaves. As he does that he kills the second person in Nebraska. This time it's his imaginary brother.

I was looking forward to this episode, and I thought that the guy who played Brian did an excellent job, but it felt like filler to draw out the DDK case a little bit longer. On next week's episode, Gellar gets his hooks into Travis again.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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