'Dexter' Recap: Absolution
'Dexter' Recap: Absolution
On this week's episode of Dexter, it seems that everyone has issues with their sister. Also, Gellar ups the ante in getting his favorite disciple back. I'm sure that they have a Hallmark card for that situation.

Welcome Home

Dexter is back in his familiar stomping ground, but he now has to deal with a bigger threat than Jonah and his imaginary serial killer brother to deal with. He has to handle a very pissed off Deb. Dexter tries to make her happy with donuts, also known as the keys to any cop's heart. Unfortunately, it doesn't work.

You know you are in trouble when you can't make a cop happy with donuts. (Is that joke too easy?) It doesn't help that he is going to be late for work due to going to Sam's funeral, which is ironically held at the place where Dexter killed Nick. Sam liked Dexter so much that before he died he left him his bible. He even rubbed his blood on it as a good memento.

Travis is a much better brother, making his sister Lisa a healthy Vegan approved breakfast. When he goes outside to throw out the garbage he is confronted by his spurned lover Prof. Gellar. Gellar tells Travis that he was a loser before working with Gellar, and that he used to love real bacon and is only lying to himself inside. Travis goes back inside and tells Lisa that he wants to take her to Disney World. Lisa says that she has work and can't just leave. I suspect that she just hates standing in lines for 3 hours to see a bunch of animatronics bears playing the banjo.

Another One Bites the Dust

Dexter goes to the museum where Travis works and sneaks into Travis' work space. He starts to ask Travis why he turned away from Gellar. Travis says that it is because the guy is a creep with really bad skin. Also, he's a nut job. Dexter offers to get rid of Gellar without police involvement, but Travis just wants to be left out of all of it.

Later, Dexter is called into a crime scene that involves a dead hooker. If there are two words that can get my attention, dead hooker would probably be among the top combinations out there. It appears that she died of a heroin overdose, but Dexter notices that she has broken ribs from someone trying CPR. I also think he was trying to cop a feel on a dead body.

LaGuerta shows up and asks Anderson to let her know whenever the med team makes a decision on how the prostitute died. Hmmm, there's nothing suspicious about a high ranking police officer at a random death of a prostitute. Back in the office, Deb starts to search for Gellar's accomplice.

Hello, Goodbye

Dexter is back to his favorite activity of stalking Travis and finds him at a coffee shop. He convinces Travis to help him track down Gellar by showing him Sam's bloody bible and tells him about the sin of omission. I think a good way to get anyone to help you is to read them verses from a blood filled bible. Travis says that as soon as he gets his sister out of town for the weekend he'll help Dexter. Having seen countless hours of television and film, I know that this will not end well for Lisa.

Deb is also entangled with the Marshall's at Lisa's house asking about Travis. Lisa says that her brother hasn't acted odd or said anything about the Doomsday murders. I guess Travis was always creepy then. Getting no information from Lisa, Deb goes back to the office where she is cornered in the bathroom by LaGuerta.

This is what makes men and women different. The men's room is a fortress of solitude where eye contact is avoided at all costs. LaGuerta tells Deb that the prostitute died of an overdose and she doesn't have to investigate it as a homicide. LaGuerta is smiling while she says this, so you know that she is full of it. Deb goes to tell Dexter about LaGuerta when she comes across the pen he took from Nebraska. Oopsies.

The Whore of Babylon

It seems that Gellar doesn't remember those anti-sexual harassment PSA's from the 90s where we were all taught that "no means no." He decides to knock Travis out by hitting him in the head with a shovel. Typing those words out makes the action seem really slap-sticky in hindsight. As anyone could guess, he finishes his latest tableau with Lisa in the role of the Whore. Pinned to her body is Deb's card from earlier in the day, which isn't making her week any easier to handle. At the scene, Dexter finds the name of a priest on some robes.

At the office, Deb tells LaGuerta that she isn't closing the overdose case, but LaGuerta convinces her that their closing rate needs as much help as it can, so Deb changes her mind. LaGuerta then makes a mystery call saying that she squashed the case. I'm guessing that some big Miami celebrity like Dan Marino was on the other line.

Deb then visits her therapist, the only person that can handle listening to her bitch and moan for an hour. That's because she's paid to. She tells Deb to quit complaining about herself and start listening to others instead. I have a feeling this is how her old couple's therapy meetings went before she got divorced. (ZING!)


Dexter tracks down the priest who owned the robes and finds him at an assisted living facility. It appears that Alzheimer's doesn't care how close to God you are. Dexter realizes that he isn't going to get any information from the priest, but decides to confess to "killing lots of people." I think we have the understatement of the year. He is absolved from his sins and finds out about the priest's old church which is now abandoned from a nun who is the priest's nurse. What would you call that? A Nurnse? Dexter decided that he is going to go there and create a whole new list of sins to confess later.

As a responsible parent, Dexter stops by his apartment to say goodnight to his son before he goes and slaughters another human being only to find Deb there making him dinner. He tells her that he has other plans, only to cause Deb to start yelling about how clingy she is. He goes to the church and finds Travis chained to the floor. Gellar flees, but Travis says that he will help Dexter get Gellar.

Not a bad episode, but not a great one. It was a lot of plot building for the big face-off to come. On next week's episode, Travis and Dexter team up and try to stop Gellar before he creates more insane tableaus.

Chase Gamradt
Contributing Writer

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