'Dexter' Recap: A Lot of Truths Come Out
'Dexter' Recap: A Lot of Truths Come Out
Esther Gim
Esther Gim
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This week's episode, titled "Argentina," brings out all of Dexter's relationships and turns them upside down. He escapes relatively unscathed -- for now -- but it's yet to be seen what kind of impact these truths will have for the future.

Deb's Own Confession

I thought -- hoped, at the very least -- Deb's infatuation with her brother was something of the past. She's compelled to confess her feelings after finding out he may be in love with Hannah. And then the show, which has been on a pretty exciting path this season, spins off into a ditch.

The uncomfortable factor is at a 10. I don't know what purpose this confession serves other than to screw with Dexter's -- and Deb's -- head some more. I know Deb just lost someone she was starting to care about, but telling your serial killer brother you were in love with him is not how you grieve or move on!

Dexter doesn't know what to say -- neither do we, to be honest -- but then Deb kicks Dexter out and he goes back to Hannah.

The Truth About Isaak

Isaak and Dexter are in a cat and mouse chase for each other. Dexter follows him into a bar -- a gay bar, where the two have a striking conversation. Isaak comes clean as to why he wants Dexter dead, that it's more about revenge. 

And then they come to understand one another, and I find myself getting a little sad that they want each other dead because I feel like Dexter has a lot he could learn from this older, wiser mafia guy -- about love and about being an outsider trying to fit in with the world.

Dexter and the Kids

Dexter's kids, suddenly having to come to Miami, and Cody blab about Astor smoking pot, which she says she does only when she's stressed. She doesn't feel like Orlando is her home, but neither is Miami. Dexter knows this all too well.

Then Hannah finds out about Dexter's son and step-kids, and while Dexter may have been hesitant about telling her about them, she seems more than welcoming to the idea. She even calls him lucky for being able to lead the life he's living, unlike her, who'll always be a killer's girlfriend.

When Dexter confides to Hannah about Isaak wanting him dead, she becomes this person he can turn to in order to kill someone. She reminds him that when he wanted her dead, he found out everything he could about her, so she encourages him to do the same about Isaak. I have to admit, she's starting to grow on me.

Another Truth Comes Out

LaGuerta continues to explore the Bay Harbor Butcher case, and this time she finds out Dexter had moved his boat right after the bodies were discovered -- and she finds his boat, complete with "Slice of Life" right there on the boat. She definitely knows.

Now what?

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