'Dexter' Premieres First 2 Minutes of Season 7 at Comic-Con 2012
'Dexter' Premieres First 2 Minutes of Season 7 at Comic-Con 2012
Last season ended on the edge-of-your-seat moment as Dexter got caught, by none other than Deb! What will happen next? Those lucky enough to attend this year's Comic-Con found out. Promising to show the first two minutes of Dexter, season 7, lets get to it.

Who's Here?
Michael C. Hall (Dexter)
Jennifer Carpenter (Deb)
Yvonne Strahovski (Hanna) -- Strahovski was recently announced as a special guest star this season.

The First 2 Minutes of Season 7
Dexter season 7 picks up right where it left off. Deb walking in on Dexter killing Travis. Some highlights: Dexter putting his hands up to his head and saying "shit" got a good laugh. Dexter's excuse of snapping, with so much anger since Rita's death brings a little comedy and Deb doesn't seem to be buying it. No matter what he says, the biggest concern Deb has, why's he wrapped up? But the biggest tease has to be the end. Deb has to call the station, but will Dexter let her? We'll have to wait and see but in the meantime, here's the clip:


Yvonne Strahovski on Hanna

Hanna meets Dexter when investigating an old murder mystery. While Strahovski knows all about her character, like what she's doing and how long she's staying, she was very tight-lipped at panel. They all were, as usual.

Strahovski did say she's been filming for a few days and it's exciting to be working on Dexter. The tone from Chuck is very different. The characters were loud on Chuck, and it's just a different vibe. Everyone has been super welcoming though.

And to note: Jennifer Carpenter and Strahovski were wearing matching white blazers.

Finding out she loved her brother in possibly more than a brotherly way last season didn't bother Carpenter. There's always some mystery and secrets to a character, and it's just what you sign up for. There was a lot of growth for Deb's character last season, both in therapy and also in her work life with her promotion. Carpenter noted that Deb doesn't shy away from power. In fact she needs it. But what will happen when she has to ask someone to put cuffs on Dexter, assuming she lives after what happened in that clip? We'll have to wait and see.

Other Notes from Panel
As usual, the Dexter panel wasn't giving too much away and was mostly an opportunity for fans to ask questions. We did find out a little more:

This season's theme, if you will, is "the consequence of love." And when told from the perspective of Dexter, it is completely different than you'd expect.

Harry will be back for season 7 in flashbacks and Dexter's subconscious.

Hall said that Trinity was probably Dexter's most satisfying kill because he was the most prolific killer Dexter has killed.

There's no back story to the kill shirt, but Hall mentions Dexter probably buys in bulk.

Most embarrassing stories? For Carpenter, she went back to season one when bodies were in the ice. She thought it would be funny when someone fell. Then she was the first to fall. On her head, and it was so loud people outside could hear. Ouch! And for Hall it was when he crashed the Slice of Life into a pier causing $8,000 in damage. Double ouch!

And the most ridiculous question of the panel goes to: "Will there be a musical episode?" The simple answer, no. But Michael C. Hall had some fun plotting to have a final season made up of 12 final episodes all with a different ending. Needless to say, both are unlikely to happen.

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