'Dexter' on CBS "A Big Surprise" for Julie Benz
'Dexter' on CBS "A Big Surprise" for Julie Benz
Dexter, a dark crime show that follows the ethically questionable quests of a blood spatter analyst/serial killer, will soon be debuting on Showtime's sister broadcast network, CBS.  Show star Julie Benz has had great confidence in the series, but admits she wasn't expecting it would reach network television.

“It definitely was a big surprise,” Benz, who plays Rita on Dexter, told TV Guide, adding that although the news was unexpected, she knows it will help draw more attention to the show.  “It's an opportunity to gain more exposure for the show.  So many people say to me, ‘Oh, I've heard so much about it but I don't get Showtime,' so hopefully now they'll see it on CBS and get Showtime.”

Beginning February 17, Dexter's first season will fill CBS' 10pm timeslot.  It is expected to reach a wider audience, whom Julie Benz believes will come to enjoy the show.

“It's such a great show and I love the way it challenges you as an audience to really think and question your own moral code. I think that's something people are looking for in today's world,” she explained.  “It's really a dark comedy.  Yes, it deals with serious issues and a serial killer, but there are also very funny moments in it.  And once you start watching, it's really addictive!

Given Dexter's dark and quirky storylines, graphic, violent and even sexually-explicit scenes are common in the show.  Such scenes are integral to the series, but Julie Benz is sure that the quality of the show will not be compromised when some are taken out to abide by broadcast network regulations.

“The show is inherently good,” she said.  “The writing is so phenomenal, you still have the incredible work of [lead show actor] Michael C. Hall.  All along we've been doing coverage on language for the possibility of it being repurposed down the line.”

Aside from acknowledging the “incredible work” of Hall, Benz also had this to say about her costar: “He's a very sweet, gentle man actually.  He takes his work seriously but he's not scarily intense.”

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

Source: TV Guide
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