'Dexter' Fan Contributor: Lost Boys Recap
'Dexter' Fan Contributor: Lost Boys Recap
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In episode ten of Dexter, "Lost Boys," we begin to see a new side of Trinity. Raked with guilt for not killing Trinity when he had the chance, Dexter tails Trinity to an arcade. Dexter is not the only one on the hunt, as Trinity seems to be eyeing a young babysitter with two children, Scott and Abby. Dexter believes Trinity is starting the cycle all over again, and while he is looking for the babysitter, Trinity has his sights on Scott, a ten-year-old boy. Posing as a police officer, Trinity tells Scott his parents are in a car accident. Scott, strangely apt for a ten-year-old, is a bit skeptical, but Trinity insists that everything is fine, citing Scott's family member's names that he saw on a bumper sticker on the boy's car.

As Trinity leads a still skeptical Scott to his car, Dexter sees him, makes his presence known and attempts to chase down the car. Trinity is too fast and tears out of the parking garage and Dexter loses him. Trinity realizes what Dexter, or "Kyle" as Trinity calls him, is up to and makes a phonecall asking Dexter to leave him alone, stating that whatever Dexter/Kyle saw, he will "preserve the boy's innocence." 

Dexter stays up all night doing research and while comparing the Trinity books that Lundy made with missing children's reports, he discovers that there is another victim in the cycle, a 10-year-old boy, who represents Arthur and his innocence. This fourth victim doesn't end the cycle, it begins it.

Meanwhile things back at the station are getting heated as Deb works to make headway in the Trinity case. After examining bullet trajectory on her body, the Lundy shooting has taken a new turn because it was determined that Trinity was not the shooter, someone of Masouka's height was. Laguerta is a little disappointed with the fact that there are "no significant development" on the Lundy shooting, and Deb is working on getting DNA swabs on men who fit the Trinity profile and work in the school system, there are 240 of them.

Quinn's girlfriend and (unbeknownst to everyone else, Trinity's daughter), reporter Christine, arrives at the station to interview Deb. Deb asks Angel to watch the interview, but does not say why. After answering several of Christine's question, Deb hands Christine a crime scene photo, Lundy's crime scene photo. Christine can't seem to look at it, and Deb then cracks down on how a woman who lives an hour away from the crime scene could have arrived 15 minutes after dispatch made the call. Christine leaves a bit frazzled and Deb and Angel meet, agreeing that something with Christine's story does not add up, but also agree to keeping their theories secret until they get something solid, in order to protect Quinn.

Masouka attempts to shed some light to Dexter about seeing Rita and neighbor Elliot kissing, but Dexter is too preoccupied with the missing boy and ignores Masouka's efforts.

Trinity is keeping Scott in a room with a cement floor and a bunk bed. He is playing trains and brings food to the boy, constantly referring to him as "Arthur" but says he cannot eat until he puts on a pair of yellow, cowboy print pajamas. The boy eventually concedes and eats a burger with Trinity.

Dexter recruited Trinity's son Jonah to search his office, and found that Trinity had looked up real estate listings. Jonah faxes the list to Dexter who is now searching through the listings to find the boy, who he promised the parents he would help to find.

Deb and Angel meet in secret at her apartment and come to a startling "out of the box" conclusion that Christine shot Lundy, though they cannot figure out why. Deb asks Quinn to take something of Christine's for DNA testing, Quinn reluctantly agrees after making accusations that Dexter was behind it.

Christine is completely preoccupied the morning afterward with Quinn, citing that Deb gave a "shitty interview" and that is why she is ditching the story. She leaves a voicemail for Trinity, saying that she needs to meet with him immediately to discuss a woman in a bathtub.

Scott is getting more anxious about Trinity keeping him, but shows a softer side when Trinity begins to cry as Vera's favorite song comes up on the record player. Trinity tells Scott that he was a sweet and innocent boy, and agrees that he will let Scott go after he eats some ice cream. We see Trinity drop some sort of drug into the ice cream and stir it up before giving it to Scott.

After a hit comes up for Dexter's stake and notify on Trinity's van, Dexter narrows down the number of listings to homes within a short distance of where Trinity's van was spotted. He feels he is getting closer but knows that time is running out as Trinity told his family he would only be gone for two days.

One of Harry's bitter CI's visits the station in search of Deb, who states that Harry broke up with her for another CI, who's name she cannot remember, she trails off about a confrontation, but is interrupted when Masouka makes a break in the DNA case: Quinn's girlfriend, reporter Christine, is related to Trinity.

Christine meets with Trinity and says she saw him kill a woman in a bathtub, and began investigating that wherever he sent her a postcard from, a woman was murdered in a bathtub. She put the pieces together and when she realized Lundy was getting close, she shot him in order to protect Trinity.

Trinity seems pleased and agrees to meet with Christine afterward, but as she leaves he has a fit of rage in his car, punching his steering wheel.

Dexter arrives at the bomb shelter in which Trinity has been holding Scott, but realizes he is too late. Due to some cement residue that Trinity left behind, Dexter puts it together that he was too early at the build, and that is where Trinity will be dumping the body.

Dexter arrives at the build to find Scott in a bag and enters into an altercation with Trinity while the boys body is sinking into the cement. Dexter hits Trinity over the head with a shovel, presumably knocking him unconscious and rescues the boy. When Dexter turns, Trinity is nowhere to be seen. Dexter screams Trinity's name in anger.

A very nervous Christine is waiting in her apartment when a knock comes to her door. She answers the door excitedly expecting her father, but is greeted by Batista, Deb, Quinn and another officer and is taken into custody.

Dexter arrives home to Rita, who lets him know that the boy was found safely. Dexter realizes his softer side and a change in priorities as he calms Harrison, promising to keep him safe.

-Liz Adams, BuddyTV Fan Contributor
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