'Dexter' Recap: Mistakes are Made, Plotlines are Closed
'Dexter' Recap: Mistakes are Made, Plotlines are Closed
Alan Danzis
Alan Danzis
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"I've never made a mistake," Hannah tells Dexter late in tonight's episode when he accuses her -- rightly, apparently -- of poisoning Deb and causing her car accident. (She's inferring that if she wanted Deb dead, she'd be dead.)

But Hannah, as well as many others who normally aren't prone to mistakes, make a ton in this episode. The only one who seemingly is in complete control of the situation and is one step ahead is the one you would never expect: La Guerta.

Dexter, who is normally so in control and so in command, makes mistakes because he's blinded by his love for Hannah -- love so powerful that he actually imagines a future with grayish hair and him still killing -- and his hate for Hector Estrada, the leader of the gang that killed his mother, and the only one left alive of that crew.

Deb's mistake isn't that she wants to protect Hannah from Dexter; it's telling Hannah, who is someone she already considers a killer. Deb first tries to threaten Hannah's old friend Arlene about possibly losing custody of her children in an attempt to get her to confess to helping Hannah kill someone years ago. Arlene instead is visited by Hannah, who talks her out of it.

On her way to interview Arlene a second time, Deb has her car accident. Before that, however, her love with Dexter is so strong she commits another mistake that seems unthinkable in previous seasons: she helps plant evidence to implicate Doakes even more. She helps Dexter plant evidence near a boat that Doakes never had, but one Dexter procures to make it seem like he does.

While the fake evidence convinces Matthews that Dexter is not the real Bay Harbor Butcher, it does little to sway La Guerta, who is so smart and knows a killer when she sees one, and arranges for Estrada to get out of prison.

Dexter falls for it hook, line and sinker. He approaches Estrada with a fake drug deal to lure him into a shipping container where he is ready to kill him. Estrada winds up on his kill table, but not wrapped in plastic. (Which allows for an easy escape later in a bit of a plothole -- since Dexter would never not wrap his victim in plastic.) Right before Dexter starts chopping off limbs, he learns from Estrada that La Guerta engineered his parole and they both have to make an escape.

Estrada winds up escaping from Dexter's clutches and Dexter is only able to barely escape from La Guerta, who shows up with a few officers to a location they tailed Estrada to.

While Dexter is able to get free of the police, Hannah is not.

After finding a water bottle in Deb's car with three times the normal anti-anxiety medication she takes on a regular basis, Dexter is convinced Hannah poisoned his sister. So he hands Deb the pen she used to poison the reporter a few weeks ago that resulted in his car accident. While Hannah kisses Dexter under the mistletoe at the end of the episode, thinking the argument they had about the poisoning the night before was over, the cops arrive for her.

"You should have killed me," Hannah tells Dexter. She tells it to him in an upset way. She's hurt by what he's done. She might even be referring to the time earlier in the season when Dexter did almost kill Hannah on his kill table.

But at the same time, perhaps she's also subconsciously or consciously telling Dexter that he should have killed her because she knows so much about his dark secret.

Tonight's episode feels a bit like a season finale in that so many plotlines are wrapped up, with the exception of Estrada escaping. (We even get closure on the boring Nadia/Quinn storyline in that Nadia escapes to Las Vegas and doesn't tell him. And Quinn doesn't even seem to care.)

With the season-long villain, Isaac, already dead and Hannah heading to jail, it seems the season finale this year may pivot to focus solely on La Guerta's investigation. We'll just have to assume she won't be as forgiving with Dexter as Deb was after last year's finale if she winds up catching him this time...

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