'Dexter' Dives Back into the Drama with Its Third Season
'Dexter' Dives Back into the Drama with Its Third Season
The third season of Showtime’s Dexter is well underway and fans were already treated to a whole new web of intrigue with Dexter’s accidentally killing an innocent, who happens to be the brother of his newfound friend, Miguel Prado.  Add to that Rita’s confession about carrying his baby!

Last month, executive producer Sara Colleton promised that this season will be explosive, saying, “We start Season 3 with Dexter accidentally doing something that starts as a tiny ripple but by the end of the season, it’s a tsunami, and Dexter has no way of stopping it.”  With the third episode airing on Sunday, fans can’t wait to see what this tsunami will bring.

On Sunday’s Dexter, Dexter has a run-in with a pedohile, while Freebo is accused of a murder he didn’t commit.  More complications arise as Dexter knows the truth about Freebo, but can’t say anything about it.

The third season production of Dexter is still ongoing, as revealed to the LA Times by show star Michael C. Hall, who said, “We're halfway through the ninth of what will be 12 episodes.  We're shooting through October.”

As for the 37-year-old actor’s popularity as one of TV’s most twisted serial killers, he says, “I mean I suppose it's as far as the level of exposure and popularity the show has, those kind of dynamics would emerge.  It's not something I'm interested in indulging or courting.”

The former Six Feet Under actor also says that ending the second season of Dexter was like “[catching] your breath...It's a tricky thing, because you're saying goodbye to the season but not totally saying goodbye to the character, so you put it back in the oven, so it'll simmer while you're not thinking about it.”

But now that Dexter has returned, Hall says that he “[dives] into the waters of the show. You're pretty much swimming in them, it feels like one long day -- in a way that I totally welcome and enjoy. ... But right now I'm very much in the thick of it.”

Catch Dexter every Sunday at 9pm on Showtime.

-Valerie Anne del Castillo, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: LA Times, NY Times
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