Dexter: Cancer-Stricken Michael C. Hall is Doing Fine
Dexter: Cancer-Stricken Michael C. Hall is Doing Fine
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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It was a victorious night for Dexter star Michael C. Hall who not only won his first Golden Globe award but also revealed that he's now doing much better. Just last week, the 38-year-old actor revealed that he's been undergoing treatment for Hodgkin's lymphoma, a type of cancer originating from white blood cells, and that the disease is currently in remission.

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"It's nice to have an excuse for accessorizing," joked the Dexter actor who wore a dapper suit and a black designer Japanese cap at the awards ceremony to cover his head.

After winning the award following three previous nominations for Best Actor in a drama for Showtime's Dexter, Hall told reporters, "It's nice to see colleagues, and for me to show [people] I am doing fine."

Hall initially wanted to keep his condition a secret but decided to reveal his illness due to the Golden Globes.  "I had every intention of keeping it quiet, but because award shows were imminent, I had to make a statement," Hall said, adding that it was nice to be able to make the statement when his prognosis was good.

Hall, who is married to his Dexter co-star Jennifer Carpenter, remains optimistic in his fight against cancer.  "I like to think I have a good head on my shoulders," he said. "I have never been less susceptible to [having a big head] given the more down in the trenches stuff I have been considering."

Aside from the upcoming fifth season of Dexter, Michael C. Hall can also be seen in the comedy Peep World and the drama East Fifth Bliss.

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