The 'X' Files: 'X Factor' Renewed for Season 2, and Is Stacy Francis Lying about Her Past?
The 'X' Files: 'X Factor' Renewed for Season 2, and Is Stacy Francis Lying about Her Past?
Meghan Carlson
Meghan Carlson
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The $5 million prize has yet to be awarded, Simon's 20 million viewer mark has yet to have been met, and a bonafide music superstar has yet to have been born out of The X Factor USA season one. But none of that is stopping FOX from deeming the show a smashing success and calling for a second season.

"The X Factor is a monumental success," said Mike Darnell, President of Alternative Entertainment for FOX, when the news was announced today. "It's won every night it's been on the air, the talent is phenomenal, the live shows are spectacular and picking it up is a complete no-brainer. Simon and his team have done an incredible job with the show, and I'm absolutely thrilled to bring back The X Factor for another fantastic season."

So you can stop biting your nails now, X Factor fans! I know your biggest concern about this show that has only just started its first season is whether it will return next season, so rest easy. Now, on to the rest of this week's X Factor news bits:

Stacy Francis is Super Successful and Famous and Best Friends with Tom Cruise
At least that's what some of the rumors going around about the weepy, wailing Over 30s powerhouse singer would have you think. Perez Hilton has been posting everything he can find about Stacy's past, specifically pointing to Stacy's own recently taken down website, saying that she's lying about her level of success in the music industry. According to Perez, Stacy's been plenty busy singing with Madonna, Chaka Khan and Prince, as well as appearing in made-for-TV movies and Broadway shows -- a far cry from her "single mom who's been unemployed for 12 years" X Factor tale. There's also this whole weird thing about Tom Cruise's birthday party.

As Laura Prudom of AOL puts it, "At this point, it seems that the outrage stems not from Francis' previous success, but from her attempts to downplay it -- but have the X Factor producers encouraged her to hide her past simply to drum up audience sympathies?"

Let's take it to a vote: 

Dexter Haygood Says He 'Cut a Deal' to Leave The X Factor

According to Dexter, he was unhappy with how the show would not allow him to be "a rock artist," instead forcing him to perform pop hits like "Crazy in Love" and "I Kissed a Girl," so he asked to be cut loose last week. In return, Dexter says producers told him he'd need to return for the season finale. He was also unhappy with the way his difficult living circumstances were portrayed on the show: "I was treated more like a character than an artist. This is TV, they want a good story, you know? But they took that and I didn't get a chance to be an artist. I was doing things I would never do."

LeRoy Bell: The 'Oates' to Another Guy's 'Hall' Back in the Day
Here's more "Over 30s" ancient history courtesy of Perez Hilton: Apparently 60-year-old hottie LeRoy Bell made a relatively successful album in the 70s with one Casey James (no, not the American Idol guy), under the group name Bell & James. Hilton is calling this another "cover-up," though I don't remember hearing LeRoy deny having any success in the music biz. I'm more interested in this discovery because it gives us a chance to see LeRoy's awesome afro and mustache, and to hear their hit song, "Livin' It Up (Friday Night)," which isn't half bad!

No, they're just friends. Now I don't know WHAT to believe.

Finally, The Hollywood Reporter has 10 "tips" to improve The X Factor -- many of which would involve completely revamping the entire vibe and format of the show, so I'm not sure they qualify as "tips." But that doesn't mean they're not good ideas, either. Especially  #2 and #7.

Don't forget: Tonight's LIVE 2-hour X Factor performance episode is the first one in which YOU, the hard-working and smart-opinion-having American, can vote! Learn more about all the ways you can vote here, and check back here after the episode (8-10pm on FOX) at BuddyTV for our recap and performance rankings.

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