'The X Factor' Recap: Surprise Help from Some Hot Celebrities
'The X Factor' Recap: Surprise Help from Some Hot Celebrities
Tonight on The X Factor, the remaining 32 acts, and we viewers, are invited into Simon Cowell, Paula Abdul, L.A. Reid, and Nicole Scherzinger's homes. Don't blink, though! There will be a few celebrity surprises!

Hey, speaking of the judges... Have you ever found yourself wondering, "I so get where Paula's annoyingly over sincere emotions are coming from?"

Well, test your convictions with our "Which X Factor Judge Are You?" Quiz!

Alright, now let's get to business!

The judges are actually spread out all over the place, waiting for their contestants to arrive. So the Girls, Boys, Groups and Over 30s will blindly travel to where they are told and meet their mentor. Plus! Each judge gets a special celebrity guest to help them out during this set of re-auditions.

Girls - Simon - South of France

Hurricane Irene kept Mariah Carey from catching her flight. It's okay, we all know Simon can handle this alone.

Simone Battle
She sings The Beatles' "Help Me." It's a stripped down performance from the usual flashy wannabe-diva. By the way, she remembers the words this time around. That has to count for something. Simon loves the performance, even when her voice cracked slightly.

Tora Woloshin
"Satisfaction (I Can't Get No)" gets amped up for this audition at Simon's house. I have to say, her performances are energetic and fun. It's like a party anthem and her vocals aren't that bad either. One problem... she sort of slips up on the words.

Caitlin Koch
Caitlin sings "Will You Still Love Me Tomorrow" to Simon. He keeps a poker face through the performance, but her velvety voice and tear-shot eyes have to make him feel something.

Drew Ryneiwicz
From Bieber to Roxette? Drew takes on a classic, "It Must Have Been Love," for her time with Simon. It's sort of like listening to Taylor Swift, but hearing better vocals.

xfactor41.jpgBoys - L.A. Reid - The Hamptons

Joining L.A. will be his special guest Rihanna.

Brian "Astro" Bradley
Okay, so this kid is pretty "cocky," but his "Bully" lyrics to a "Can't Hold Me Down" backdrop is pretty entertaining. He even beat boxed! (Meaning he created musical sounds using only his mouth.) Rihanna finds Brian "so cute," so we may not need to worry over him.

Skyelor Anderson
Taking on "Nobody Knows it But Me" made famous by BabyFace, Skyelor adds a country twang to it. Rihanna says it best when she comments that "he needs to be polished." He has the tools; they just need to be cleaned up a bit.

Phillip Lomax
Everyone is taking on Rihanna and this time Phillip is performing in front of the woman! He's a crooner, singing "Please Don't Stop the Music." I believe Phillip got a few giggles from the star, but I agree with L.A. when he says, "I'm not sure."

Nick Voss
Whoever brings Tears for Fears back to mainstream has to be either ridiculous or awesome! Nick sings "Everybody Wants to Rule the World." Sometimes the vocals fail, but his presence makes up for it. L.A. says, "I've seen him better."

xfactor91.jpgOver 30s - Nicole - Malibu

Enrique Iglesias will be helping out Nicole.

Dexter Haygood
You know you were waiting on this one! The soul man struts up to Nicole and Enrique in his platforms and belts out "Crazy in Love" by Beyonce. I am not making this up. He has added his own lyrics and his moves could possibly send him into the pool. I'm just glad that Steve Jones was there to hold Dexter as the tears strolled down his face.

Stacy Francis
Stacy is bringing out the big guns with a little "Purple Rain." Nicole immediately has tears in her eyes. Enrique seems to be in shock, singing along. They know she has the talent, but Nicole wonders if her fears keep her from the career she strives for.

Elaine Gibbs
Elaine keeps it soulful with more of a Leona Lewis version of "Stop Crying Your Heart Out" by Oasis. Overall, it was forgettable, I fear. Yet you cannot deny that she has a fantastic vocal ability.

James Kenney
Here is another Rihanna takeover. This time, James sings "Russian Roulette." Being sung by a male, this song takes on a whole new presence.

Groups - Paula - Santa Barbara

Paula has asked Pharrell Williams to judge with her.

The Anser
Was anyone else NOT expecting them to start singing "F**kin' Perfect" by Pink? It's a slower version, showcasing the trios' individual ranges and harmonies. The end result is beautiful, actually. Pharrell and Paula seem to agree, but one never knows.

Lakoda Rayn
This is the straggler group. Four of the girls who thought they were being sent home, but then were called back to form a group together. They're debut song is "Born This Way" and with an added country feel they definitely make their mark in Paula's backyard. Could the girl group be making a comeback?

The Brewer Boys
The duo wants to make "Only Girl in the World" by Rihanna their own. It's a bluegrass feel almost that, I'm sure, has made many teenage girls swoon in their living rooms. Does it stand up to the others, though? I think Paula and Pharrell are thinking the same things.

The boys take it old school, performing "If You Love Me" by Brownstone. Pharrell only wants them to "dirty up their style a little bit." So I'm guessing they're too clean and need to... not look so happy go-lucky?

Now pay attention, everyone! The MLB game yesterday pushed The X Factor off schedule. Tune in Sunday at 8/7c for the remaining performances. Four acts from each category will be saying their goodbyes.

Jilliane Johnson
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