'Devious Maids' Spoilers: Who's Staying and Who's Going for Season 2
'Devious Maids' Spoilers: Who's Staying and Who's Going for Season 2
Carla Day
Carla Day
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Devious Maids ended with Flora's murder being solved, which ends Marisol's quest to clear her son's name. So what does that mean for season 2? Executive Producer Marc Cherry discussed some changes that will be coming when the show returns this summer at the Television Critics Association Winter Press Tour.

What happens to Marisol now? Cherry has known Marisol's journey since the beginning. She will be back in season 2. Cherry said, "I knew before I even started the first season that, in the second season, Marisol marries a rich man, and she has a devious maid working for her. She becomes one of the employers."

Good-byes Some characters will be transitioned out of the story. Cherry explained, "I had to say good-bye to some people I just loved. But, you know, to keep the show fresh and to make sure I'm providing these terrific gals with obstacles and new story lines, that's the kind of thing you have to do. So you'll see some new faces and we'll say good-bye to some other faces."

Diversify In season 2, Marisol's maid will be white. Cherry said, "We had Odessa, who is Russian, in Alejandro's house, but we have a wonderful actress, Joanna Adler (Opal), and so she'll be reverse racism in that particular household. So we are trying to diversify a little bit."

Who's Out? TV Guide is reporting that with Marisol leaving her maid life behind, Michael and Taylor Stappord (Brett Cullen and Brianna Brown) will no longer be seen regularly. It's possible that the actors could show up as guest stars since their characters still live in the area. 

And, Sam (Wole Parks) will also be gone after Carmen dumped him.

Who's In? The show will jump forward three months from season 1 finale when Marisol is married to rich widower, Nicholas (Mark Deklin). She will contend with Nicholas's maid, Opal. Her son, Ethan, is a pool boy, who will stir up trouble for Valentina and Remi.

Are you existed for season 2? Glad to see Marisol move from maid to employer?

Devious Maids returns in Summer 2014 on Lifetime.

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