Justine Bateman Joins 'Desperate Housewives'
Justine Bateman Joins 'Desperate Housewives'
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Justine Bateman, best known as superficial Mallory Keaton on the sitcom Family Ties, is reportedly joining the cast of Desperate Housewives when it returns with new episodes this April.

According to Entertainment Tonight, the 42-year-old actress will be appearing on Desperate Housewives for a multi-episode stint.  It has also been reported that Bateman will be portraying "a hip artist living with Gabby [Eva Longoria Parker] and Carlos [Ricardo Antonio Chavira]."

Not much has been revealed about her character's storylines, although speculations have surfaced that Bateman will serve as a spoiler to Gabby and Carlos' reunion, as she did with Men In Trees' Marin (Anne Heche) and Jack (James Tupper).

On Men In Trees, Bateman appeared on the 10th episode of the first season as Lynn Barstow. Eventually, her guest appearance turned into a 10-episode stint.  Prior to that, she was cast to play the role of Sarah Mitchell on the TV series Men Behaving Badly and landed another role of the same name on Lois & Clark: The New Adventures of Superman.

Additionally, Bateman forayed into comedy as she appeared on the sitcom Arrested Development, in which her character was initially believed to be the sister of Michael Bluth, portrayed by her real life brother Jason Bateman.  Her character turned out to be a prostitute taken advantage of by his father and pimped by his brother.

As of the moment, Bateman's first airdate on Desperate Housewives has not yet been revealed. Meanwhile, fans can catch new episodes of the ABC dramedy beginning April 13.

Desperate Housewives stars Dana Delaney as Katherine Mayfair, Doug Savant as Tom Scavo, Eva Longoria Parker as Gabrielle Solis, Felicity Huffman as Lynette Scavo, James Denton as Mike Delfino, Joy Lauren as Danielle Van De Kamp, Marcia Cross as Bree Van De Kamp, Nicollette Sheridan as Edie Britt, Teri Hatcher as Susan Mayer, and Ricardo Antonio Chavira as Carlos Solis, just to name a few.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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