Eva Longoria-Parker, Dana Delaney Talk 'Desperate Housewives' Death
Eva Longoria-Parker, Dana Delaney Talk 'Desperate Housewives' Death
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
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"It's not me," Dana Delaney tells E! Online first.

Never mind that her character Katherine Mayfair was nowhere near the Santa house where the tiny plane crashed during Desperate Housewives' midseason finale last week. According to previous spoilers, three people, born or otherwise, including an , would be killed off but the episode ended with a bloodied hand dangling on a window, but alas no outright declaration of the fatalities' identities.

"It's not me, so that's important!" Eva Longoria-Parker says.

Again, something totally not useless since her character Gabrielle Solis was last seen safely on the sidewalk a good few meters away from where the plane landed. She did yell to Celia, who might slightly be in harm's way, but Lynette (Felicity Huffman) was there to save the day, conveniently resolving that little Solis versus Scavo storyline.

So it's not Katherine and it's not Gaby. That didn't really help much, did it?

It would be helpful if Marcia Cross said something about it, or Felicity Huffman - both their characters were at least remotely in harm's way. Kyle MacLachlan previously revealed that he'll be returning to Desperate Housewives in January, so with that out of the way, it's safe to assume that Karl (Richard Burgi) is the one biting the dust.

"You heard it here first! I make it through and will be returning to the show," he told E! Online in November.

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