Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.10 "Welcome to Kanagawa" Recap
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.10 "Welcome to Kanagawa" Recap
When we were last treated to an episode of Desperate Housewives, a tornado had hit Wisteria Lane. The last chilling scene was of Lynette's primal scream for her husband and her children and of Karen McCluskey's demolished home.

Before the tornado hit, we're reminded that Edie and Gabi fought over the offshore bank account information and it was lost in the storm. Mike agrees to go to rehab. We see the scene of Katherine's aunt determined to tell the truth and Victor's death by picket fence.

In the aftermath of the tornado, all the Wisteria Lane ladies, except for Gabi, are comforting Lynette as she waits for the firefighters to have access to Karen's basement. Gabi is at the hospital with Carlos, who was seriously injured. The firefighters finally get the kids and Tom out. When Karen asks Tom about Ida, Tom just gives her that look.

The morning after, as the residents sort through the devastation, we finally see Bob as he finds a piece of his sculpture.

Katherine and Adam are at the morgue. They are asked to identify Sylvia's body because their name and address were on her person. After the ID, Adam attempts to apologize for his infidelity, but Katherine just tells him that he's gotta go.

Three days later, Karen and Lynette sort through Ida's things. It doesn't look like her house had any damage at all, actually. Anyway, Lynette finds a box of baseball things and Karen tells her that Ida was a star in the All-American Girl's League during WWII. Crap, now I have that song from A League of Their Own in my head now.

One of Lynette's kids comes in and tells them that Ida saved their lives by making the kids get under the stairs when the storm hit after Tom had passed out because of his asthma. When the comment is made that her body wasn't found under the stairs, they are told that there was no room for her. Lynette is really feeling guilty now.

Bree, Orson and their new baby move in with Susan and Julie while their house is being worked on. Bob and Lee found her a contractor. Julie is very skeptical of the living arrangement because of how anal Bree is about things.

At Victor's funeral, his dad, Milton, tells Gabi that she's not getting a dime from his estate because of how heartbroken Victor was about her and Carlos and makes her leave. He informs her that everything is in his, Milton's, name, so she's not entitled to anything.

Susan is upset because they won't let her see Mike in rehab. When she walks into her house, she finds it all clean, with a great smelling dinner in the oven. Julie tells her that Bree has also done the laundry. They are swiftly changing their minds about Bree being there.

Gabi goes to see Carlos in the hospital. He seems to be in bad shape with bandages over his eyes. She tells him what happened at the funeral, and he tells her don't worry about it because he has money. She reluctantly tells him what happened between her and Edie and medicates him so he doesn't get too upset.

Bree's contractor backs out because he's found out that his ex life partner has a new boyfriend. When Bob and Lee tell her that they don't have any friends that will go out with him because he's only a 3 and their friends are 9s, she decides to introduce him to Andrew.

She and Andrew make a deal. If he flirts with the contractor and gets him back to work, she'll buy him a 60 inch TV, and if he's under budget and on time, she'll throw in surround sound. Julie hears this and runs to tell Susan. They plot to derail this plan so that Bree will stay and take care of them.

During the dinner party that Bree is having to introduce the contractor to Andrew, Susan comes down and sabotages it. Later, Susan admits to Bree that she doesn't want her to leave. That she's ready to fall apart because of her pregnancy and Mike being in rehab, and that the care Bree is giving her is keeping her sane. Bree loves being needed and they embrace.

At the Mayfair home, I guess Adam had been banished to the upstairs bedroom. As he packs his things to leave, he comes across the note that Katherine's aunt wrote right before she died. Tsk tsk. Bree would have cleaned that room thoroughly before now and found that note. Anyway, he reads the note and gets this strange look on his face.

Ida requested that her ashes be spread on the infield of the local baseball field, but the general manager refused permission. So Lynette and Karen cut the lock and break onto the field. Prior to spreading the ashes, Karen recites the poem “Do Not Stand At My Grave and Weep”. They are caught by the police, but Lynette manages to run around and finish spreading the ashes before she gives herself up.

Back at the hospital, Gabi tells Carlos, that she went to his accountant's home, but his wife said that she destroyed all information pertaining to offshore accounts. There is no backup for the papers lost in the storm. They philosophically say that at least they have each other. When she leaves to get something to drink, his doctor asks him if he's told her yet that he's lost his sight. He hasn't.

Lynette still feels guilty about Ida and tells Karen that she's sad that she never got to know or appreciate her before she died. Karen makes a comment that it's a good thing they got away with just a warning or that it would be her third strike. Lynette picks up on that and asks about it. When Karen tells her that it's a long story, Lynette tells her that she has the time to listen.

Katherine walks into her house to see Adam's bags at the door. When she asks him why he's not gone, he tells her that he just wanted to make clear to her that he's not leaving because she wants him gone, he's leaving because he's walking out on her. He shows her the note and tells her that he believed her when she told him that the trouble was all her ex's fault. He tells her that they're even on the betrayal thing ... no, she's ahead, he says. When she reads the note, her face blanches and she immediately tears the note up and throws it in the fireplace.

Dylan was on the stairs and listened and the final scene of this episode of Desperate Housewives is the next morning. The neighbors are all still picking up their lives, but Dylan is going through the soot from the fireplace and putting the pieces of the note together.

Unfortunately, this is the last episode of Desperate Housewives filmed before the strike, so who knows when we'll get to see our friends on Wisteria Lane again.

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