Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.6 "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared" Recap
Desperate Housewives: Episode 4.6 "Now I Know, Don't Be Scared" Recap
John Kubicek
John Kubicek
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Previously on Desperate Housewives, Edie finds out Carlos' secrets – money and Gabi, Bob and Lee find out about Catherine's secret – what happened in Chicago, and Bree's secret comes home – Daniele. What will the Wisteria Lane residents do to entertain us this week?

Carlos attempts to leave Edie without her being there, but as he's packing she walks in. After some discussion, she agrees to keep his secret about the money if he will tell her the truth about why he's leaving. She asks him if there is someone else and he tells her no. Next thing we see, she's turning him into the IRS.

Bob and Lee invite Bree and her family to their Halloween party. Bob catches sight of Daniele in the upstairs window and asks Bree about her. Bree lies and says that was Andrew trying on his Halloween costume, Cher.

Gabi has been trying to get in touch with Victor, but she's been unable to. So she breaks it off with him over the phone ... to his voicemail.

Mike and Susan are at the Doctor's office giving family history for the baby. She finds out that Mike has lied to her about his father being dead. He gets a plumbing emergency call to escape from her cross examination. Later we see Mike sneaking some kind of medicine in his truck, and he hides it in his glove compartment. When he goes into the house, Susan has waited up for him and asks about his dad and he tells her that he's in prison for murder. She insists on meeting him, for the baby's sake.

After investigation, the IRS finds nothing on Carlos' illegal accounts. In fact, the accounts don't exist. Furious, Edie confronts Carlos about it. He denies any and all knowledge of any offshore accounts. She tells him that this isn't over, and he contradicts her. He says, yes, it's over and he's won.

Victor's dad has intercepted Gabi's message and wants to talk her out of leaving. He offers her an obnoxious amount of money to stay with Victor for 13 months, long enough for Victor to win the election for Governor.

Lynette has a possum in her yard and it's making her crazy. She goes to Bree for a gun to kill it, since poison and traps haven't worked. Bree tells her that's illegal and suggests that Lynette go buy an air rifle instead.

Gabi calls Carlos over and shows him the check from Victor's dad. She tries to convince him that they wait the 13 months and then she'll leave Victor. She reminds him that he's out of work and she can't be without money. Carlos tells her that they don't need Victor's money, and discloses his embezzlement. She goes off on him because she says that half that money is hers because she was entitled to half of everything in the divorce. Instead of being happy that they are solvent, and won't need money, she kicks him out.

Mike takes Susan to meet his dad. After she asks him about family medical history, she asks him who he killed. He, almost gleefully, tells this long story about killing his boss. Susan's face is priceless during this tale.

At the Halloween party, Bree and Orson are dressed as Little Bo Peep and what looks like Little Jack Horner. Catherine and Adam are Marie Antoinette and Frankenstein. Bob makes a crack about Catherine's character, a powerless queen, and Catherine makes a crack about Bob making a crack about a queen. Although Bree 'forbid' her to come, Daniele shows up dressed as Bree. Not only is she dressed like Bree, she walks, talks and acts like Bree. Bree is not amused.

Susan is obsessing over Mike's dad. He doesn't want to talk about him, but she is going on and on about him not showing any remorse. Lynette is obsessing over that darned possum. Instead of going to the party, she's outside in the tree laying in wait with the air rifle after setting out candy as bait for the possum. Tom tries to talk her out of this, but she seems to feel like this possum is trying to take something from her and destroy something of hers, similar to what the cancer is doing.

At the party, Daniele's water breaks. Bree, Orson and Andrew take her home. She won't make it to the hospital and Orson has been drinking, so Bree gets Adam to come over to deliver the baby. When she swears him to secrecy, he asks her if it has anything to do with the pregnancy she's faking.

Lynette's kids are out trick or treating (which I don't understand since all of Wisteria Lane is at the party) and ring Bree's doorbell since they see a light. When she doesn't answer the door, they decide since they got no treat, they'd play a trick on her. They go around to the back of the house and when they look in her kitchen window, they see Frankenstein holding up a bloody baby and it scares the heck out of them. They run off screaming.

Later, Bree comes to check on Daniele. Earlier Daniele told Bree that she wanted nothing to do with the baby, that she hated it because it took a year of her life and made her fat. Bree asks Daniele if she wants to hold her son, and when she does, she falls in love with him. She still gives the baby back and says it's the best thing for them all, especially the baby. She cries as Bree leaves the room with the baby.

Gabi calls Susan and leaves her a message on her voicemail about going away by herself for awhile. When she hears a car honking outside her house on Wisteria Lane, she thinks it's the taxi that she's called, but instead it's a stretch limo with Victor in the back. He called their house and was told by the maid that she moved out. He tries to convince her to stay and she accuses him of just wanting her around for the votes, that he never has time for her, etc. He assures her that he wants her, tells her that the Governor's mansion is his dad's dream, not his. He tells her that if she's going away, to take him with her. He has a whole month to devote to her.

Susan goes back to the prison to talk to Mike's dad alone. She tells him that she's afraid that since he's shown no remorse that he doesn't have a soul and that her baby will inherit that. He tells her that he has a soul, but that if he allows himself to feel guilt, to think about that guy he killed, that he'd go crazy. The only thing he regrets is what his arrest did to Mike. He tells her to keep an eye on Mike because he has a darkness inside him from what happened.

Edie goes to Victor and shows him the pictures of Carlos and Gabi. She tells him not to put the blame on Gabi because Carlos seduced her. Whatever Victor decides to do about Carlos, he will deserve it, she tells him.

On Desperate Housewives, doctors make housecalls. Lynette's doctor comes to give her the good news that her latest tests show that her lymph nodes are completely clear of the cancer. She goes outside, raises her arms to the heavens in happiness and catches sight of the dead possum. She breaks down in tears.

The Mary Alice voiceover tells us that we have much to be afraid of, but the thoughts in our heads terrify us. Scenes flash of Bree worrying that Daniele will change her mind about the baby, Susan worrying about what Mike's dad told her, Edie worries about love passing her by. As we see Lynette sitting on her porch as her family plays around us, Mary Alice reminds us that what doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.

Next week on Desperate Housewives, Bree shows off the baby and Lynette tells her mother that it's time for her to go.

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