Zachary Young
Zachary Young

Cody Kasch as Zachary Young

Zachary “Zach” Young is portrayed by Cody Kasch on the television show, Desperate Housewives. Zach grew up believing that he was the son of Mary Alice and Paul Young. Before he came to know the truth about his real parents and history, Zach was living quietly in Wisteria Lane. However, his life took a dramatic turn after Mary Alice suddenly took her own life, leaving Zach and the rest of Wisteria Lane with many unanswered questions. As her mother’s friends gradually uncovered the mystery that surrounded Mary Alice’s death, Zach in turn became more withdrawn and unstable, especially after he discovered that his identity was a lie.

In actuality, Zach was born in Bountiful, Utah, and was blessed with the name Dana by his real mother, Deirdre Taylor. His real father, Mike Delfino, was incarcerated while Deirdre was still pregnant with him. Deirdre headed to Utah because she did not want her father, Noah, to raise her child. Heavily addicted to heroin, Deirdre gave birth to Dana at Dorothy Drake Rehabilitation Center, and in order to get money to buy more heroin, sold Dana to a nurse named Angela Forrest. Angela, who had been unable to conceive a child of her own, moved to Wisteria Lane with her husband Todd, and upon arriving in the new neighborhood, assumed the identities Paul and Mary Alice Young. Paul and Mary Alice then changed Dana’s name into Zach.

When Zach was three years old, Deirdre was able to track down Mary Alice and Paul, and upon arriving at their door step, began demanding the return of her son. A fight ensued between Mary Alice, Paul and Deirdre, and ended with Mary Alice stabbing and killing Deirdre. The three-year old Zach woke up from his sleep and saw Deirdre’s dead body, but had been too young to fully comprehend what it was all about. He carried the memory with him until he reached adolescence, and following Mary Alice’s death, began searching for his own answers.

His traumatic past and troubled present has given Zach a bad reputation in the neighborhood. He made friends with Susan Mayer’s daughter, Julie, and after some time, their friendship developed into something more. However, when his mental instability became more apparent, Susan told Julie to keep away from Zach. Not paying heed to her mother’s orders, Julie continued to see Zach, even while he was admitted in an institution. Eventually, Julie realized the horrifying extent of Zach’s condition, and consequently broke up with him.

Zach left Wisteria Lane after he held up his real father, Mike Delfino, and Susan at gunpoint. He went away and eventually found his adopted father, Paul, but after killing his wealthy biological grandfather, Noah Taylor, he returned to Wisteria Lane and abandoned Paul, who had been framed by Felicia Tilman for her own fake death. Back in Wisteria Lane, Zach began to stalk Gabrielle Solis, and managed to trick her into believing that they had a one-night stand.

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