Julie Mayer
Julie Mayer

Andrea Bowen as Julie Mayer

Julie Mayer is portrayed by Andrea Bowen on the television series, Desperate Housewives. Julie is the daughter of divorced couple Karl and Susan Mayer. Since her father ran off with his secretary Brandi, Julie has been her mother’s biggest supporter and main confidante. She has tried hard to balance school, helping Susan deal with her emotional problems and spending time with her father. An obedient daughter, Julie has done well in school and has quite a talent in singing.

Like any normal teenager, she has a number of good friends, including Bree Van de Kamp’s notorious daughter, Danielle. She also developed feelings for Paul Walker’s quiet and eccentric son, Zach. Despite Susan’s disapproval, Julie pursued a relationship with Zach, only to break it off later on when she realized that he was mentally unstable.

When it comes to her parents’ relationship, Julie has displayed a great sense of maturity. She clearly does not want her parents to get back together, and on more than one occasion, has dissuaded Susan from being too friendly and open towards her father. The thought of her parents remarrying disturbs her, as she understandably fears going through another divorce.

Unlike her mother, Julie has not had much experience in the love department. She was attracted to Edie Britt’s nephew, Austin McCann, and although Edie had been one of Susan’s biggest rivals, Edie was quick to warn Julie about her nephew. Susan also felt the same about Austin, and ordered Julie to stop seeing him. Nevertheless, Julie stood up to her mother and continued going out with Austin, and they became even closer after they came out alive from the hostage crisis at the supermarket. Eventually, for fear that he might leave her, Julie decided to offer her virginity to Austin, which proved to be a regrettable idea when she found out that Austin had been cheating on her with her friend, Danielle. Shortly after, Julie made up with Austin, but the latter left Wisteria Lane upon learning of Danielle’s pregnancy.

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