Big 'Desperate Housewives' Secret Revealed
Big 'Desperate Housewives' Secret Revealed
Glenn Diaz
Glenn Diaz
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Now we wait for John Barrowman to actually care about "crazy" Patrick Logan and what he can do to the Bolen clan.

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On the last episode of Desperate Housewives, Preston Scavo arrived from Europe with an exhibitionist, gold-digging Russian girlfriend; Gaby (Eva Longoria-Parker) flew to New York only to be dissed by both Heidi Klum and Paulina Porizkova; Bree (Marcia Cross) found out who Sam was; and we finally know what's the big deal behind Angie's (Drea de Mateo) pout.. and all the running around.

Boring stuff first. Because Mike (James Denton) and Susan (Teri Hatcher) have found themselves in a sort of perfect world, they have nothing to concern themselves with except their little inane problems. Mike, for instance, upon finding out that Susan paid for his loan, started whining about being not too manly enough.

Cut to a disgruntled Heidi Klum telling Gaby, "Screw you, screw your friend, screw Fairview." Apparently, Gaby during her heyday was the most stuck-up, condescending prima donna in the modeling industry, which is really saying a lot. That was just a little prelude to the big Bolen reveal in their plane back home:

Apparently, when she was young, Angie was the type who was "radical" in her earth-saving ways, like dousing blood on fur-wearing models or letting whales out of cages. She, alongside crazy Patrick Logan, killed someone while they were on this mean streak. And it gets worse: Danny's daddy is Patrick, and it was Nick who saved her.

Not very surprised or fearful for Angie's safety? Neither are we.

But Torchwood's Barrowman has said that she'd be staying on Desperate Housewives for a minimum of five episodes, so if he gets to Fairview next week, he should be staying put for much of the remainder of this season.

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