'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 5 Dances -- The Second Night
'Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars' Week 5 Dances -- The Second Night
Laurel Brown
Laurel Brown
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And we're back! With more dancing. There seems to be a lot of that this week on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars. I guess that makes sense, since there are two nights of dancing instead of one. Tonight, we get the four dancers still needing to perform in week 5, plus another group -- dancing Gangnam Style?

Can the dancers actually top the excellence seen last night? It's possible but they will have to try very, very hard. There were some good dances. How good? While Team "Call Me Maybe" earned 29.5 points for their freestyle, the rest of the leader board stayed close to that level.

1. Gilles Marini and Peta Murgatroyd: 29.5 points
2. Emmitt Smith and Cheryl Burke: 29 points
3. Kirstie Alley and Maksim Chmerkovskiy: 25.5 points 
4. Kelly Monaco and Val Chmerkovskiy: 24.5 points

Forget any of the details of last night? No worries -- we have the recap right here!

But that was last night. Let's get to tonight!

Melissa Rycroft and Tony Dovolani
Dancing a tango

My Comments: Mad scientist = tango? Sure, why not?

Melissa may have picked well with this rather stiff style of dancing, considering her neck at this point. But she does seem quite capable of moving it. This is not as smooth a dance as Melissa is sometimes capable of, but it's still quite excellent. She and Tony do the passion part well too.

Judges' Comments
Len: "It was crisp. It was sharp." 
Bruno: "You fussy, fantasy creature." "You were sexy, you were hot." 
Carrie Ann: "Tonight, you were absolutely gritty." "Your torso could be a little tighter, but that's it."

Scores: 9+9+9 = 27 

Shawn Johnson and Derek Hough
Dancing a rumba

My Comments: This song will never die, will it? Sigh... ("My Heart Will Go On," in case your were wondering.)

I honestly don't know why Shawn was so worried about showing emotion. She shows emotion well. Also, she's dancing with Derek. That makes emotion even easier, since he's practically as good as an actor as any celebrity. Unlike many of the themed dances we've seen, this one actually reminds me of what it's supposed to be about.

And then Shawn lets Derek sink, just like Rose did to poor Jack. Typical.

Judges' Comments
Len: "It was a Dickens novel -- I had Great Expectations. I got Bleak House."
Bruno: "That was awesome! Ever-changing shapes!" "It was like waves in the ocean."
Carrie Ann: "Now I have to send you to your room, because there were lifts!" (Response from Tom: "Tonight, Carrie Ann will be playing the part of the iceberg.")

Scores: 9+8+10 = 56

Apolo Anton Ohno and Karina Smirnoff
Dancing a samba

My Comments: They get to dance with a bed. That's always fun.

The look and the music make me thing of disco. But there is enough excellent dancing going on to keep us reminded that this is indeed a samba. There is a section in the middle when they seem to be off the music. That might just be bad music though, since they are perfectly back on a couple of seconds later. Excellent and fun dance!

Judges' Comments
Len: "It's as though I'm in the home for the bewildered here. I thought that was terrific!"
Bruno: "I thought you were terribly sexy, your timing was good, your rhythm was good."
Carrie Ann: "I think your leg-work is fantastic." "Something is not quite right -- you were such a bright, shining star, and I'm not feeling it yet."

Scores: 8.5+9.5+9 = 27 

Sabrina Bryan and Louis Van Amstel
Dancing a waltz

My Comments: Cinderella? I can go with that. 

They are really managing to channel the Disney feel of this thing. It's light and lovely. There is no passion or sexiness in the standard sense, but that would just seem weird here. It's much better to have fantasies about princesses getting to waltz with their true loves.

And they even left a shoe behind for Louis. Cute.

Judges' Comments
Len: "I loved the story. It had a beginning, a middle and an end." "It was such a charming number!"
Bruno: "It was like a magic ride into an enchanted kingdom." "Cartoonish and delicious."
Carrie Ann: "I know you were going for vulnerability, and I don't think you quite got to vulnerability." "I think you're in for a happy ending."

Scores: 10+9.5+9.5 = 29 

Hey, someone got something that wasn't a 27! Crazy!

Team "Gangnam Style" (Gilles & Peta, Kelly & Val, Kirstie & Maks, Emmitt & Cheryl)
Dancing a freestyle

My Comments: Wait, did Val Chmerkovskiy already know the "Gangnam Style" dance? I'm afraid.

The costumes already win. They're terrible in the best possible way. Not that I can tell who is who. Kirstie Alley might not agree with me after all the trouble she disrobing. Emmitt and Cheryl manages to get into their undies much more quickly. Same for Val. Who looks like he does this regularly. I am really terrified of Val tonight.

And then there are Gilles and Peta. In what look like towels. Seriously, towels. I'm so afraid. Entertaining dance. Just scary.

Judges' Comments
Len: "That was the craziest number I have ever seen! It wasn't tight, it wasn't together, but it should have come with a health warning."
Bruno: "I think I've wet myself." 
Carrie Ann: "Sometimes hot mess is excusable and turns into crazy, fun insanity."

Scores: 9+9+9 = 27

And there's yet another 27. That seems to be the number of the night. Not a bad number, I suppose.

The night, however, is now over. As is the week of performances on Dancing with the Stars: All-Stars. Since there won't be any results or eliminations this week, everyone will be back to do it again on Monday. See you then!

What was your favorite dance? Why do you think the judges disagreed so much on some of the dances? Has there ever been a dance weirder than that "Gangnam Style" number? Can we see more of Gilles in his undies? Leave your comments below!

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