'Deception' Series Premiere Review: What Would You Do For a Friend?
'Deception' Series Premiere Review: What Would You Do For a Friend?
Carla Day
Carla Day
Contributing Writer, BuddyTV
What would you do if you were a detective and your childhood best friend was found dead in a hotel room murdered? San Francisco Detective Joanna Locasto (Meagan Good) faces that question in the series premiere of Deception when her former partner and current FBI agent Will Moreno (Laz Alonso) asks for her help investigating the mysterious death of Vivian Bowers (Bree Williamson).

Vivian's death is the catalyst that shakes up not only Joanna's life, but those of the entire Bowers family. Joanna's former relationship with the family provides the opportunity for her to easily infiltrate their world to track down what really happened to Vivian.

Living up to the shows title, Deception, it's difficult to differentiate the truth from the lies that surround the family members and their business, Bowers Pharmaceuticals. The mystery sucked me in right from the beginning.

Even though Joanna and Vivian were estranged since their teens, the detective's interest in solving not only her friend's death, but the mystery of her life, is strong. Though, will Joanna be able to maintain her objectivity due to her closeness with some of the family members?

The patriarch, Robert Bowers (Victor Garber) is delightfully complex. He welcomes Joanna into his home with no reservations at all and appears genuinely distraught over Vivian's death. Could he be complicit in her death? And, if so, why? 

Or, could one of his sons be involved? Edward (Tate Donovan) is a company man and highly suspicious of Joanna with little regard for his sister, Vivian. Julian (Wes Brown) is the life of a party, but does he have a secret to hide?

Vivian's stepmother, Sofia (Katherine LaNasa), gives Joanna the cold shoulder and seems pleased that Vivian is no longer in their lives. She has no patience for her daughter, Mia's (Ella Rae Peck) mourning and refusal to believe that Vivian died of an accidental overdose.

The relationships within the family are revealed to be full of conflict over the first three episodes of the series. Joanna's relationships with them also become more complicated as she begins to be drawn deeper and deeper into their world and lives.

Wes is quite the charmer and every scene between him and Joanna is intense. If you don't watch for any other reason, their interactions are worth the time. Joanna's love life could get complicated though with her former partner, Will, also wanting to win her heart.

As Joanna continues her investigation (or snooping) the more entangled the family's secrets become. Joanna will have to skeletons in her own past to confront, including the real reason that her friendship with Vivian ended.

Deception is full of lies, misdirection, and wild twists you won't see coming. It's addictive. Each new clue provides an answer to what happened, but not necessarily in the way that it first appears. 

Watch for the mystery and come back week after week for the characters.

Check out the preview and then tune in tonight for the series premiere.

Deception airs Mondays at 10 pm ET on NBC.

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