Deal or No Deal: Who is The Banker?
Deal or No Deal: Who is The Banker?
The mysterious Banker is never clearly seen onscreen, leading many to wonder just who he is. On The Banker's Blog on the NBC Deal or No Deal website, viewers can ask questions of the Banker, who supposedly answers them himself, often condescendingly.

A few answers to blog questions:

"The worst part of my job has to be the fact that no one gets to see how incredibly attractive I am.  You'll have to take my word for it, but I am seriously hot."

"Am I Steve Guttenberg? No. I am definately [sic] not Steve Guttenberg. Thanks for asking."

"I have a background in finance, but I'm not a 'banker.'"

"Animatronics???  Duh. I am a living, breathing person whose job is way harder than Vanna's.   I am an expert in the fields of psychology, risk-assessment, and economics.  What I do is very demanding.  Do you think it's easy? I have to spend hours at a time toying with peoples' lives, eating donuts from the craft service table, and hanging out outside the models' dressing room. How you like me, now!"

Of course, it is generally agreed that The Banker is a fictional character, so don't expect these to be real clues as to the identity of the person in the booth!

Almost all of the international versions of Deal or No Deal share this mystery aspect, crediting the Banker as being played by "Himself," although the British version once listed "Richard Oldman" instead as an April Fool's joke (Rich Old Man.).  As well, on the British show, the Banker has often been said to be played by Glenn Hugill, who is producer of the show and who is also known for his role as Alan McKenna in Coronation Street.  The Australian version calls the Banker "Walter P Smythe."

-Mel, BuddyTV Staff Columnist

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