Thaao Penghlis Talks About His Return to Days of Our Lives
Thaao Penghlis Talks About His Return to Days of Our Lives
In May, actor Thaao Penghlis again made his way back to the long-running daytime drama series, Days of Our Lives, and recently, the 61-year-old actor opened up about returning to the show and sharing the small screen once again with fellow Days of Our Lives stars Joseph Mascolo and Leann Hunley.

Penghlis, who was born in Sydney, Australia, started appearing as Tony DiMera in the daytime series in 1981. His character is the son of Stefano DiMera (Mascolo) and ex-husband of Anne Fredericks (Hunley). All three left the show at different points in time, but their reunion has made Penghlis’ comeback a more delightful experience.

“I have to say that Joe and I did some good work together and, at the end of the day, it's about the work,” Penghlis told Soap Opera Weekly. “It's all about chemistry, and Joe and I have great chemistry together. Then there's Leann. I don't know how long she's coming back for, but it will be wonderful to work with her again, too. Those were the best of times for me.”

Mascolo’s return to Days of Our Lives has also proven to be beneficial for Penghlis’ Tony.

“Before, I was the lone DiMera against all the Bradys that were coming at me all the time,” Penghlis explained. “(Stefano's return) allows me to show Tony's vulnerability. When I was by myself, I certainly couldn't show that to Bart (Steve Blackwood). In the past, I was able to show it to my father. My father was able to show it to me.”

With old co-stars come new ones, and Penghlis is just as happy to be sharing the screen with actor James Scott, who plays E.J. Wells, Tony’s younger half-brother. Of working with Scott, Penghlis said that there is an “interesting dynamic” between their characters, and that “their relationship is dangerous.”

“It's building into a real rivalry between the two brothers for the position of power,” Penghlis said.

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist


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