Steve Blackwood Departs from 'Days of Our Lives'
Steve Blackwood Departs from 'Days of Our Lives'
Three months ago, soap veteran Steve Blackwood returned to Days of Our Lives after an 18-month long absence that coincided with the downplaying of the DiMera-Brady clan rivalry.  The actor was glad to be back on the daytime series as Bart Beiderbecke, but about a month ago, he received some unexpected and devastating news: his character was going to be killed off.

“When I read the script where I say my final lines, I got very sad and teared up. My wife did, too,” the actor told the Associated Press.  “It’s very sad because it’s not you, but it is you. I’ve been this guy for 10 years… That’s what I hope that not only this show but other shows remember: We as actors have an attachment to the characters ... When they’re killed, part of us dies too."

Last week, the 52-year-old actor filmed his last Days of Our Lives scene, wherein he dies in a bloody sword fight.  It was a dramatic exit for the actor who spent almost ten years on the NBC soap opera.

"There wasn’t a dry eye on the set," Blackwood said after wrapping his final episode, which will air on August 3.  "But there was a lot of dried blood on my shirt.  I spent the day with a half-sword sticking out."

Steve Blackwood left the show feeling satisfied with his good on-screen death.  He and his co-stars exchanged farewell hugs before he departed from the set one last time.

Blackwood first became a part of Days of Our Lives in 1997.  His character, Bart, was known most for being the humorous bumbling henchman for the DiMeras.

Considering the miraculous resurrections of Stefano DiMera (Joseph Mascolo), Blackwood conceded that there is a chance his character could come back from the dead.

"It’s possible," he said.  "But Steve Blackwood the actor, the person, could have more lives than this. I’m hoping that we go on from here."

-Lisa Claustro, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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