Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of January 2
Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of January 2
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Daytime TV kicks off the New Year with explosive and controversial storylines involving gun shots and weddings. Read on to find out more.

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

Wedding bells ring for one couple as a marriage proposal takes place. At the same time, Steffy resorts to her backup plan while Billy distracts Liam, who in turn finds out something shocking about Billy and Steffy. Speaking of Steffy, she gets into an accident that prompts Ridge, Taylor and Bill to head to Cabo.

The Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Will decides to leave Salem after threatening to blackmail someone. Bo and Hope go to therapy with Marlena in attempt to resolve their issues. Meanwhile, Rafe and Carrie struggle with their business but end up landing their first client. As the week comes to a close, Stefano shows a different side when he nearly comes clean about his involvement in John's freedom.

General Hospital Spoilers

Sonny and Kate plan for a romantic date while the local newspaper reveals that there's going to be another wedding in Port Charles. Jason gets word about Michael and then has another flashback, Alexis gets upset with Carly and Michael wants to work for Johnny.

One Life to Live Spoilers

Bo and John finally discover the brains behind the prison break. The biggest storyline this week, however, is a plot involving gun shots and people's lives being in danger.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Chelsea reveals to Victoria and Billy that she's carrying his child. Avery breaks up with Nick since he still has feelings for Phyllis, prompting Nick to show up at Phyllis' house where he kisses her. Jen hires Ronan to find out the weird happenings in town. Meanwhile, two people go head-to-head in court and Vikki and Billy find out about the DNA test results.


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