Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of November 21
Soap Sneak Peeks: Spoilers for the Week of November 21
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It's Thanksgiving week on daytime TV which means our favorite characters will be celebrating the holiday by throwing dinner parties and making peace with one another. In the soap world, though, it also means big revelations, secret affairs, the discovery of a plastic surgeon altering someone's face and death. 

The Bold and the Beautiful Spoilers

It's Thanksgiving at the Forrester mansion and everyone is shocked to see Taylor arrive as Thorne's date. While Ridge hopes to find a solution to the Hope-Steffy drama over the holiday, Taylor and Brooke realize that Steffy and hope are fighting just like they were in the past. Also taking center stage this week is the tension between Rick and Thomas. 

Days of Our Lives Spoilers

Sami and EJ makes out then later feels guilty about what they've done. Will, who witnesses something horrible, gets upset with Sami. Madison, who is contemplating on leaving Salem, almost kisses Brady as she helps with the search for Johnny. Elsewhere, Bo and Hope talk to Stefano. 

General Hospital Spoilers

Love is the air for Maxie and Matt, as well as Sonny and Kate. On the hard, Jason tries to warn Carly, who in turn is worried about Shawn. Jason and Sam go to a Thanksgiving party while Olivia prepares a holiday dinner just in time for Lulu's arrival.

One Life to Live Spoilers

A lot of revelations takes place this week: Todd comes clean about his plan to Tomas, Tea reveals to Dani that she's pregnant and Blair admits that she's dating Tomas now. Meanwhile, John and Natalie talk to Brody, who is carrying a loaded gun. Later, Brody bids farewell to Liam and someone dies. Elsewhere, Stacy tries to stop Cutter from strangling Alex and Rex thinks of the possibility that a plastic surgeon could have worked on Cutter's accomplice's face to look like Gigi.

The Young and the Restless Spoilers

Kevin reveals the truth to Chloe about the marrow donation which leaves her raging mad. Billy also reveals the truth to Victoria, who is now upset with her father. At the same time, Neil witnesses an exchange between a mysterious man and Harmony. As Patty interrupts Jack and Gen's Thanksgiving celebration, Avery is forced to spill family secrets as she gets stuck with Phyllis.

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