Kristen Renton Shocked about Her 'Days of our Lives' Exit
Kristen Renton Shocked about Her 'Days of our Lives' Exit
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
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Salem will soon lose yet another resident.  As reported earlier this month, Kristen Renton, who currently plays Morgan Hollingsworth, has been let go on Days of our Lives, less than one year into her four-year contract. While the news of her exit may be a blow to many fans, the program's decision to scrap her on-screen alter ego has more than caught the actress by surprise, especially since she'll be leaving unexpectedly this week.

Renton joined Days of our Lives just last year as the Alpha Chi Theta sorority sister of Chelsea and Stephanie at Salem University.  She wasn't supposed to be with the soap for more than a week or two but found herself in budding plot as her character quickly forged a friendship with Chelsea and Stephanie, eventually dated Max Brady much to the dismay of Stephanie, who still harbored feelings for Max, and was involved in the Ford Decker storyline.  Most recently, she was seen in a budding relationship with Philip that seems to be deteriorating as she discovers Paul's involvement with her father.

"I did not see it coming," Renton told Soap Opera Digest.  "It came as quite a shock.  I actually found out when I received a script and realized, 'Wow, they're sending me to Chicago."

Unfortunately, Renton did not get any forewarning of her impeding dismissal due to the show's taping schedule.  Days of our Lives was reportedly on hiatus in the weeks prior to Renton's final tape date. So when the actors returned to work, Renton was given a script that announced that her time with the show had come to an end.

On the other hand, it seems that Renton won't be jobless for long.  In fact, she does hint that she has been in contact with a several other soaps to see if there might be a place for her on their slate.

Kristen Renton is expected to bid farewell on Friday, October 3.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source:, Soap Opera Digest
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