Fans React to 'Days of our Lives' Budget Cuts, Plus More Exit Rumors
Fans React to 'Days of our Lives' Budget Cuts, Plus More Exit Rumors
Kris De Leon
Kris De Leon
Staff Writer, BuddyTV
Last week, NBC gave an unexpected statement that rattled many Days of our Lives fans. The announcement reads “Days of our Lives has decided to rest the characters of John Black and Marlena Evans” and has left fans even more worried about the future direction of the soap despite the fact that it has been renewed through September of 2010.

Deidre Hall and Drake Hogestyn, who plays Marlena Evans and John Black respectively, are soap veterans whose presence on Days of our Lives have significantly affected the show's direction.  So it's only natural that most supporters of the 43-year-old soap aren't happy with the producers' decision to lay off the major stars.

Some fans believe that firing these two cast members is a dumb move since a major change in the show, such as this, might result to the show's downfall.  In fact, some fans claim that they're not keen on watching Days of our Lives without the vets.  For others, however, they are just eagerly anticipating the reunion promised by the network's officials.

"After a year of separation, John and Marlena will finally reunite before exiting the canvas in early 2009," NBC officials said in a prepared statement.

The unexpected decision to lay off the highly-paid longtime cast members has certainly created much buzz in the soap world.  However, word on the street is that there may be more tough decisions ahead. reports that at least five other big name stars are rumored to be on their way out.

Jay Kenneth Johnson (Philip Kiriakis) has reportedly left the show last week after his contract negotiations broke down.  But a show publicist told that “Jay is still on the show as Philip Kiriakis."

Fans will just have to stay tuned for more updates on these Days of our Lives exit rumors.

-Kris De Leon, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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