Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/1/07-10/5/07
Days of our Lives: Week In Review 10/1/07-10/5/07
There was much tension this week on Days of our Lives.  The most exciting news was that Roman got free from Andre's evil clutches.  Andre brought Roman, with a bomb strapped to his chest, over to the Brady pub where Sami and EJ were.  Meanwhile, Steve still had Stefano hostage at the TV news station.  Andre, seeing this on TV, defused the bomb, tied up Sami and EJ in the kitchen and turned the gas on, and brought Roman over to the news station.

At the news station, Andre switched Roman for Hope as hostage and took her up to the roof.  Bo followed, and after an intense standoff, Bo saved Hope, but Andre fell off the roof.  He didn't die, though, so he must be the direct descendant of Rasputin.

Sami and EJ managed to get free, but Lucas saw Sami holding EJ's head in her lap as he recovered from the effects of gas inhalation.  Of course, Sami immediately pushed EJ away as soon as he regained consciousness, but Lucas didn't see that part.  Later, Lucas and Sami fought more about her feelings for EJ.  Lucas ended the fight by saying good-bye to Sami.

This was a bad week for Lucas and the ladies, including his mother.  He told Kate to stop trying to control his life and told her that she is no longer his mother.  He declared that he is no longer a Roberts and will be changing his name to Horton.

In non-life-threatening news, Stephanie and Chelsea found out that their first task for pledging the sorority is to raise as much money as possible in 48 hours.  The team who raises the most money will be automatically inducted into the sorority.  Stephanie and Chelsea decided to host a bachelor auction at the Cheating Heart, and Adrienne offers to throw in free pizza and beer for the event.  Adrienne also hired Max to be a bartender there.

Philip came back to Salem after searching in vain for Tyler.  But Lauren also came back too.  Shawn discovered her in the hospital and called Philip and Belle over so they can ask here where Tyler is.  Before they could do that, however, Lauren fell down a flight of stairs in an attempt to get away.  We don't know whether she is alive, or not, and we have to wait through the weekend to find out the resolution to this cliffhanger.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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