Days of our Lives: Week In Review 9/17-9/21
Days of our Lives: Week In Review 9/17-9/21
This week on Days of our Lives, Roman went to rescue Kate, but fell into a trap laid by Andre.  Andre knocked Roman unconscious and buried him alive.  Roman woke up underground.

Shawn and Belle didn't succeed in blowing down the door of the pub freezer with a Molotov cocktail, but they did get the attention of Bo and Hope who let them out.  Shawn suffered burns on his back and was taken to the hospital.  There he was able to think about his relationship with Belle.  He pushed Belle to go with Philip to look for his son, as a sort of test to see how faithful Belle will stay.

Benjy shot Stefano multiple times at Stefano's fake funeral, but didn't succeed in killing him because Stefano was wearing a bullet-proof vest.  Steve approached Stefano afterwards with a deal: Steve will help save Andre from the police if Stefano promises not to go after Benjy for trying to shoot him.  Steve's son Pocket was brought to the emergency room this week after mysteriously ingesting a poisonous substance.

Jeremy approaches Stephanie and asks her to let him stay there for a little while.  She agrees, but he is found out by Kayla and Steve.  Jeremy ran out on Stephanie after trying to take her money.  He said that he is headed to Seattle.  Kayla called the cops on him.

EJ admitted to Sami in front of Lucas that he loves her.  Sami was furious with him and forbade him ever to say that again.  They are still working together to find the way to end vendetta between the Bradys and the DiMeras.

China Lee fled the country, leaving Artemis and DeMarquette with Nick.  She told him before she left that their real father is a powerful man, and people are gunning for them, so he has to keep them safe.

Jett was fired from the ISA for screwing up his first big case.  Chelsea, who still has a huge crush on him, offered to get her mother to hire him at Salem University as a campus police officer. 

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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