'Days of Our Lives' Star Gets Overdue Emmy Citation
'Days of Our Lives' Star Gets Overdue Emmy Citation
Three decades of giving life to a soap opera character is a long time to devote one's self to.  For Thaao Penghlis, his onscreen persona of Tony DiMera on the eternal Days of Our Lives is nothing short of a second skin.  He's been wearing that suit for nearly 30 years and it's high time his lengthy service received due notice.

The Sydney-born Penghlis is among this year's nominees for the Daytime Emmy Awards, which are scheduled for June 20 in Los Angeles.

Penghlis leads a cast of four Days of Our Lives actors up for nods at this year's Emmys.  His long years on the soap have finally earned him a nomination for Outstanding Lead Actor.  Other Days nominees are Judi Evans, who scored the first Supporting Actress (for her work as Adrienne Kiriakis) citation for the soap in eight years.  Rachel Melvin (Chelsea Benson) is up for Outstanding Younger Actress as is Darin Brooks (Max Brady) for Outstanding Young Actor.

‘‘I was not expecting anything,'' Penghlis said of his nomination.  ‘‘In fact, I was meditating and didn't hear the phone ringing with people calling to congratulate me.  I've won awards before, but never an Emmy.  The Emmy is one of those things, like the Oscar is to film - it's the award for television.

Penghlis added that win or lose, being named alone already elevates him to an altogether new class of actors.

‘‘Even if I don't win, it will completely change the way that I'm described.  In articles I'll now be Emmy-nominated or Emmy-winner Thaao Penghlis,'' the Days star remarked.

Penghlis has certainly paid his share of dues during his extended tour of duty on the soap.  He recalls having gone through spells when his storylines went from winners to the ridiculous.  At some point, they even went so far south as to result in a clash with a past scribe, which in turn, prompted the actor to leave Days of Our Lives.

‘‘They were making me into a cartoon and I really struggled to make him human,'' Penghlis recounted how Tony DiMera turned from humorous and charismatic to someone quite dark in the early `90s.  ‘‘As an actor, you have to try to make these things work.”

In the same breadth, Penghlis also offered a clue regarding the often hysterical tendency for soaps to have deceased characters return either in poltergeist, apparition, doppelganger or memory form.

‘‘I know one actor who was killed four times and another put in a coma for two years for complaining about storylines,'' he remarked about the occasional inevitable friction that arises between writers and actors.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
Source: Herald Sun
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