'Days of Our Lives' Star Directs Son in Play by T.S. Cook
'Days of Our Lives' Star Directs Son in Play by T.S. Cook
To the faithful followers of Days of Our Lives, James Reynolds has been the face of law and order in Salem for over two decades.  Reynolds has been playing the role of police officer Abe Carver on the soap for more than 20 years.  Aside from his long tenure in front of the camera for Days of Our Lives though, Reynolds also works behind the lens and behind the scenes, as director, owner and operator of the Fremont Centre Theatre in California.

For fans of the actor, this weekend is the last chance to catch Reynolds' latest project, Ravensridge, where the Days of Our Lives co-star is directing his son, Jed Reynolds.

Ravensridge is a socio-political drama set in early `90s Russia, about an American steelworker named Will Torrey, on the trail of the true owner of a steel mill in Ravensridge, West Virginia.  Torrey's journey lands him in the former communist country, where, as an officer of the mill's striking labor union, he has come to confront owner Richard Miller, a financial criminal who has taken refuge there away from prosecution in the American justice system.

In his pursuit of the fugitive Miller, who now has the protection of Russia's richest business tycoon, Torrey winds up accidentally killing a Russian security guard and being subsequently thrown in a Moscow prison.  In an ironic twist of fate, Miller holds the key to Torrey's release from jail, but at the expense of Torrey's fellow union members and his own set of values and beliefs.

Written by T.S. Cook, Oscar and Golden Globe nominee for co-writing the screenplay for The China Syndrome, Ravensridge runs at James and Lissa Reynolds' Fremont Centre Theatre through Sunday, March 30.  It stars Jed Reynolds, Vaughn Armstrong, Robert Trebor, Emily Adams, Kim Story and John Sklaroff under the direction of James Reynolds.  Showtimes are 8pm on Friday (March 28) and Saturday (March 29) and 3pm on Sunday (March 30). Tickets are $25 each.

-Rosario Santiago, BuddyTV Staff Columnist
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