'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: The Mystery Attacker
'Days of Our Lives' Spoilers: The Mystery Attacker
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In the fictional town of Salem, there's always room for steamy love triangles, nasty catfights, serial killers and sometimes even the supernatural. This week, however, Days of Our Lives puts the spotlight on Carly's struggle with drug addiction as well as Chloe's mystery attacker. Read on to find out more.

Days of Our Lives Spoilers for the Week of September 5


Days of Our Lives is pre-empted due to Labor Day holiday.


After being attacked, Chloe is brought to the hospital by Brady, who doesn't reveal the fact that she's a call girl. Hope fears that Chloe's attacker will take another victim so she teams up with Bo, Mandy and a sketch artist to find out more about the assailant. 


Brady, who appears to be harboring feelings for someone else, wants to have an open relationship with Nicole but she isn't happy about it. Meanwhile, Victor asks Maggie to stay in the mansion permanently.  


Sami finally gets her biopsy results! Vivian is delighted with her relationship with her Quinn so she continues to sideline Gus.


Dr. Norman (guest star Sydney Penney) wants to focus on Carly's relationship with Melanie and urges Carly to give herself a break so she could move on with her life. Ultimately, the identity of the serial attacker is revealed. 

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