Days of our Lives: September 28 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 28 Live Thoughts
Today on Days of our Lives, Stephanie and Chelsea attend a sorority party at Alpha Chi Theta, wearing pink bridesmaidsy dresses.

Steve and Abe and company have dug up a grave, but it's not Roman inside.  It's Benjy who has been buried alive.  Steve does his best to revive Benjy, but it looks like it might be too late.

Gramps is at the pub.  He is finally able to tell what happened.  He tells the letter readers that Santo had a wife in Italy when he proposed to Coleen.  This is what made Coleen leave Santo, and what started the vendetta.  Young Gramps found out about the wife from young Stefano, who didn't know he was supposed to keep his mother a secret.

At the sorority party, Chelsea wants to leave, but Stephanie begs her not to leave.  Morgan, the head sorority chick, introduces them to two sisters.  A hot African-American girl, and a brainy Asian girl with glasses.  Days of our Lives is SO multi-cultural!

Flashbacking to the past, Coleen and Santo kiss on the beach.  She explains why she had to give away her diamond engagement ring, but he's not mad.  Young Gramps is hiding in the bushes as the two lovers plan their future in New York.  Coleen is sad that she'll never be able to return home.  Alison Sweeney's Oirish accent is a little bit thin today.  They are planning to get married tomorrow and sail away to the New World.  Coleen is sad to have to say good-bye to Young Gramps, but Santo suggests bringing him with them.

Stephanie is excited about the sorority, but Chelsea is wary because it seems to her that the sorority is exploiting people.  Chelsea asks two sisters what they need to get into the house.  They reply that you need looks, brains, money and family, preferably old.  Smart Asian chick from before overhears Chelsea and says that there's more to Morgan than she thinks.  She says that nobody ever crosses Morgan twice.  Anyway, Stephanie is disappointed to hear about the family requirements to get in the house, given that her father's trouble with the law.  Stephanie says that she doesn't belong in the house.

At the cemetery, Steve finally comes to the realization that Benjy is dead.

In the past, Coleen doesn't want to take Young Gramps to America because she can't take her brother away from her father, who has already lost her.  Santo agrees and promises that when her father changes his mind, they will buy him a first class ticket to America and they can all live together.

At Alpha Chi Theta, Chelsea is pretty awesomely backing up her friend.  During the pin ceremony, Chelsea asks snarkily if the girls are known for anything other than their perfect makeup and bodies.  Brainy Asian chick says that they volunteer to help the homeless.

In the past, Young Gramps goes to tell his father about Santo's wife, who is alive and well and in Italy.  Coleen's dad comes in and breaks the two apart.  Coleen is devastated to find out about it.

Steve vows vengeance on Stefano for killing Benjy.

Chelsea is having second thoughts about pledging.  She takes Morgan's words to heart about the choices we make that could affect the rest of our lives.  Stephanie is pleased.

At the pub, Gramps continues his story about how Coleen died.  In the past, Coleen is devastated.  Santo tries to explain why he lied to her about his wife.  Santo says that he and Coleen are meant to be together, but she is ashamed.  Coleen's da' calls him a worthless coward.  Santo admits to lying, but says that they have the right to choose their own future because God gave them free will.  He asks her to come away with her still, but she leaves with her da' and Young Gramps.

It is time to pledge at Alpha Chi.  The girls who want to pledge are instructed to take a pin, which they must wear at all times during the pledge process.

Steve thinks Benjy's death is all his fault and wants to retaliate.  Abe tries to talk him out of it.

In the past, Santo sits despondently on the beach.  Coleen goes back to the church to take her vows.  She becomes a nun.  In the pub, Gramps explains that Santo made sure that Coleen never got to keep her vows to the church.

Stephanie tells Chelsea that they are in this together or not at all, so they both take a pin.  Morgan tells them that they won't regret it.  Chelsea gives Morgan a sarcastic-sounding "thanks," as she walks out.

In the past, Coleeen has taken her vows and put on the nun's habit.  Her father is there with Young Gramps to watch the process.  Santo and Young Stefano are outside of the church and enter carrying suitcases.  Coleen turns and see them, her face stricken with regret.  The Italians turn to leave, and Coleen, in slow motion, tears off her nun's headdress and runs away.

The sorority girls discuss all the potentials.  Brainy Asian Chick thinks Chelsea is insecure and is rejecting the sorority before they reject her.  Morgan likes Chelsea because she's obnoxious and fun.  Morgan also gives tepid approval for Stephanie.  At home, Stephanie susses out that Chelsea is afraid of rejection and convinces her to pledge for real.  Chelsea almost tells Steph that Jeremy is still in town, but then just says that she's glad they're pledging together.

Steve still wants to avenge Benjy's death.  Abe can't stop him, try as he might to convince him to do otherwise, going so far as to pull a gun on Steve.

Old Gramps finishes his story at the pub.  Coleen ran away after seeing Santo at the church.  Her da' and Young Gramps look everywhere for her, but they were too late.

Next on Days of our Lives:  EJ thinks he can find Roman, Lucas wants to know if Sami is marrying to EJ to end of vendetta or is the vendetta a convenient excuse for marrying EJ.

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