Days of our Lives: September 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 25 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives begins with Steve in the hospital.  There is a knock at the door and it's Stephanie.  Stephanie had promised to look after Pocket, but she put him in Grandma Brady's care because she really wanted to see how her dad was doing.  She reports that she hasn't heard from Jeremy, but accidentally lets slip that he is headed to Seattle.  Steve says that he won't tell the Salem PD about it.

But Jeremy is not in Seattle.  He is at Nick's, showing Artemis and DeMarquette some card tricks.  The boys are very dim-witted, but I've seen worse child actors on other soaps, I suppose.  Nick is being a hard-ass about rules to Jeremy.  Nick wants him to leave, but Jeremy wheedles his way into staying for one night.  Chelsea is at the door now, and Jeremy scampers off to hide in some closet.

Sami is still at the pub, and is leaving a message on someone's voicemail about the instructions Andre gave her.  Bo comes in to tell her about Lucas and EJ, not knowing that she already knows.

Steve criticizes Jeremy to Stephanie, but she continues to make excuses for him.  She admits that she is still in love with Jeremy.  Max, who is outside the door, overhears her say this and looks crestfallen.

Chelsea likes Nick today, and barges in to hang out with him.  She's brought comic books for the boys.  He does is very best to make her go away, but she invites herself in and asks if he's mad at her for breaking up with him.

Sami tells Bo that she's going to go to church to light a candle for Lucas so that she can make a break for it and go to the meeting place with Andre.  But Bo pulls out the folio and tells Sami that he's read it and she's not going to like what's in it.

Chelsea apologizes to Nick for saying those harsh things the night when she broke up with him.  He's just anxious to get her out of his apartment, so he gets weird.  She tells him that she admires what he did with China Lee and the boys, and asks for a do-over.  But she's not exactly asking him back, though, and realizes that she's sending him mixed signals again.  She asks him to love her like she loves him (which is like a brother).  He says that he doesn't want to love her like a brother.  Then, she suspects that Nick is hiding a girl in the bedroom.

Sami has just finished reading the folio.  She thinks that it proves that she's the only one who can stop the vendetta, but Bo thinks that it proves that she doesn't have to bear the burden alone.  Bo goes to the back to get her some toast, and she gets a call from Andre tsk-tsking her for being tardy.  She rushes out of there.

Kayla and Max have joined Stephanie at Steve's bedside.  Steve tells them all that Andre has taken Lucas and EJ hostage.  At that moment, Stefano walks in with his police babysitters and offers them a way to end the fighting.  Steve orders Max to take Stephanie home, but before he does, Max asks Stefano where his brother is.  Max reminds Stefano of the "eye for an eye" bit in the Bible.  Stefano says that he wants a peaceful solution.

Bo has notified his buddies that Sami is missing as well.  He knows that the DiMeras have another plan for Sami.

At Nick's, Jeremy's cover is busted.

Sami shows up to meet Andre, but she's 40 minutes late.  He's evil and makes her wait to see them.  Then the camera pans out into the cemetery outside to a freshly dug grave.  Roman is still alive inside the coffin and is murmuring for Bo to come and save him.

Sami begs Andre to tell her where they are, that she'll do anything he wants.  Andre monologues about Sami's relationship with EJ and asks her if she has feelings for him.

Stefano repeats to Steve and Kayla that he wants the violence to end.  He blames all the violence on Andre.

Chelsea is pissed off that Jeremy had the nerve to come back and hide out with Nick.  Chelsea chews Jeremy out for screwing over her best friend, costing Max his garage, and she won't even begin to tell him what she did to Jett.  But then, a mysterious man named Umar Abboud comes to the door and announces that he is here about the boys.  Nick lies that the boys aren't with him anymore.  But Umar knows a lot about their situation, and asks them to trust him.

Max brings Stephanie home and tells her that he overheard her saying that she still loves Jeremy.  Max says that he's fine, but Stephanie is sorry that she led him on.  She thinks that it would have been better if she stayed in Dayton.  She admits that she thought she was over him, but she guesses she's not.  Max said he's not sorry because he enjoyed every minute he spent with Stephanie.  Now we are treated to a really long, long, long flashback from just a few days ago.  Steph tells Max about how Jeremy wanted to crash there, but then ditched them.  She says that she always wanted to end up with someone like her dad, someone who would do anything for her mom.  Max tells Steph that he's about to kiss her.

Steve tells Stefano and Kayla that Bo found the folio.  Stefano says that if the terms of the vendetta, as dictated by the folio, are met, and if Lucas and EJ are safe, then Stefano promises that he will defuse Andre.

Stephanie doesn't kiss Max because she wants to get Jeremy completely out of her mind before she can pursue another relationship.  Max says that he will wait for her.  She realizes the enormity of trying to be friends without acting on their baser instincts.

Umar Abboud tells Nick that China Lee was employed by a Sudanese

Stefano threatens that if they don't meet the terms of ending the vendetta, the Bradys will have to endure a horrible hell.

Andre offers Sami a compromise.  Andre says that in exchange for sparing her father's life, she'll have to choose for one of the two paramours, EJ or Lucas, to die.  It's Sophie's Choice on Days of our Lives!

Next on Days of our Lives: Abboud punches Nick out, Sami must choose whom to shoot, Roman looks uncomfortably still.

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