Days of our Lives: September 21 Live Thoughts
Days of our Lives: September 21 Live Thoughts
Just as it did yesterday, Days of our Lives begins in Jett's hospital room. Apparently, he heals quickly because he is packing his things to go home.  Today, it's Nick's turn to visit him.  Nick looks ridiculously skinny next to Jett.  Nick apologizes for the things he's done to Jett, and asks them to start anew in their friendship.

Chelsea meets her mom Billie at the cafe and asks her if she can hire Jett with campus security.

Stephanie begs Kayla to let Jeremy go.

Steve and Bo are outside the funeral parlor.  They are studying the symbol that Rolf drew on the door.  Steve says that it must be a message to Andre and that it might lead them to Andre and Roman, who is still nowhere to be found.

After the credits, Jett agrees to start over as friends with Nick.  Jett confides to Nick that he got fired from the ISA.  (Nick also got fired from the hospital.)  But he tells Nick that he is probably staying in Salem if he can get a job with Chelsea's mom.  Nick does not look happy to hear that news.

Chelsea tries to convince Billie to hire Jett, but Billie is unsure.  She interrogates her daughter about Jett's past.  Chelsea makes a Gilmore Girls joke, because Billie said that she likes it when Chelsea asks to borrow her car and asks for money.  This makes me happy because I absolutely adore Gilmore Girls, but it was a bad joke and I'm not even sure that anyone on Days of our Lives has even watched Gilmore Girls because Rory has never asked Lorelei for some cash.

Chelsea continues to ask Billie to hire Jett.  Billie finally agrees to hire him.

Stephanie tells Kayla that she loves Jeremy.  Jeremy realizes that he has to go, and Steph offers to give him money.  She has almost a thousand bucks saved and is about to leave to go to the ATM, but Kayla tells her to stop.  Kayla begs Jeremy to leave Kayla out of this because if he takes money from her, she will further be an accessory to his crime.

Bo and Steve are at the funeral parlor, hiding out and spying on Andre, who is wearing someone else's uniform.

A nurse comes in to Jett's room to help him leave.  But he wants some more time to talk to Nick. Nick fills him in on the stuff going on in his life, like the incredibly unrealistic job he got teaching science at the university.

Stephanie is the stupidest person ever.  She gives him her ATM card and offers to give him the PIN.  (She says "PIN number," which I can't stand.)  But Kayla appeals to his sense of right by saying that, instead of stealing Stephanie's savings, he should stand up and admit what he has done and be the better man.

At the funeral home, Andre comes erases the chalk marks that Rolf drew on the door and walks in, with Bo and Steve watching his every move.

Chelsea assures Billie that Jett will make a good employee.  Billie then asks Chelsea for details on her relationship with Jett, but Chelsea says that they are just friends.  At that moment, Nick walks into the cafe with Artemis and DeMarquette.

Jeremy cruelly tells Stephanie that he only needs her for her money.  He tells her exactly what Kayla predicted that he would say.  He leaves, asking only that Kayla let him have a head start before calling the cops.  Steph begs for her not to call.

Andre reads a letter from Stefano on the table, which instructs him to be careful because he may be compromised, but to protect the folio at all cost.  At this point, Steve jumps out of hiding and confronts Andre.

Nick asks Chelsea if she wants to hang out with him and the boys later.  She awkwardly says maybe, and he asks her to call him.  Chelsea leaves, and Nick asks to talk to Billie.  Nick tries to plant doubt in Billie's mind about Jett.  Then, they discuss Artemis and DeMarquette.  Billie researched them, but there is nothing on the records of even their existence.  They have no Social Security number or passports, and they don't even have last names.  Billie suspects that they were probably not born in the United States.  Nick tells Billie about what China Lee said about the boys having a powerful father, and that it might be endangering their lives if they get put in the public eye.  In the grand tradition of soap opera child actors, they are none too bright.

Kayla finally gives up on Stephanie.  She wants Stephanie to leave with her fugitive boyfriend.  Stephanie agrees to.  But then Kayla relents and says that she won't call the authorities, but she gives Jeremy one last chance to do the right thing.  She promises that if he does the right thing, she and Steve will do everything in their power to help him to lessen the charges because she understands that Steve has had his share of second and third chances.  Kayla wants Jeremy to prove that he is worthy of her daughter, but he isn't impressed by her speech and makes to leave.  Stephanie is crestfallen to hear how little he cares about her.

Steve, talking to Andre, gives him the same deal that he offered to Stefano, for them to leave Benjy alone.  Andre is suspicious that Steve is packing heat, but he's not (since Roman is in the corner with a gun, just in case).  Steve challenges Andre to shoot him now if he wants.

Jeremy leaves and Stephanie runs after him.  He says that he is going to Seattle.  Stephanie is really upset with her mother because she thought she had everything under control with Jeremy.  (She had given Jeremy a 48-hour deadline for turning himself in.)  Kayla says that she already called the cops on him.

Chelsea goes over to the hospital to tell Jett that Billie agreed to hire him.

Jeremy goes over to Nick's and twists his arm into letting him stay there that night.

Back with Steve and Andre.  Andre stabs Steve and runs out.  Bo runs out to look for Roman, leaving Steve bleeding on the floor.

Next on Days of our Lives: Lucas challenges EJ over Sami.

-Debbie Chang, BuddyTV Staff Writer
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